The Wild Fig (Dine Out Edition)

The Wild Fig was one of the new additions to be part of the Dine Out Vancouver Festival this year. Being one of the lonely restaurants in Coquitlam and after a study in their menu, I decided to come here with “the gang” (9 of us). For those unfamiliar with The Wild Fig, they are […]

Hanamori Sushi

Location: #102 511 Rochester Ave Coquitlam, BC V3K 0A2 Phone: (604) 939-2422 Hints:  Hidden beside an apartment Very little parking Very small restaurant I was here in the summer and in fear of heat, I was resisting from coming to this place because it had its doors open. This could only mean one thing, no air con! […]

Wang Ga Ma

Location: 329 North Rd, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3V8 (Across from H-Mart) Phone: (604) 936-6866 Hours: N/A Hints:  Simple lunch menu Large shared parking lot There’s always a dilemma on what to eat on a Sunday afternoon after church service. The choices are just too much to handle sometimes. My girlfriend and I decided to try a new Korean restaurant in K-Town! It’s […]

Insadong Korean BBQ and Seafood Restaurant

Location: 403 North Rd, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3V9 Phone: (604) 936-3778 Hours: 7 days a week (lunch/dinner) Hints: Large parking spaces in strip mall Korean BBQ and Hot Pot Refillable Banchan So this is one of those long overdue posts which I have forgotten to post due to x-number of reasons. As for Insadong, it’s been in the […]

A Jong Ga Revisit

Location: 4333 North Road, Burnaby, BC Phone: (604) 421-7085 | Hours: N/A   This is a revisit of Jong Ga Korean restaurant. If you would like to see my initial impression, click here. I have probably been to Jong Ga a gazillion times, I’m on and off the mayor on Foursquare. This would probably tell you how often I come. […]

Kimbab Cheonguk 김밥천국 (Kimbab Heaven)

Location: 3A-341 North Road, Coquitlam, BC (Strip mall beside Wings) Phone: (604) 936-0222 Hours: Mon-Sat:  9AM – 8:30PM | Closed on Sundays Hints: Parking in front Cheap and affordable Best Kimbab I’ve had Not for the large crowd Cash/Debit This is a hidden little gem in Coquitlam. I learned of this place from my brother who have been here […]

Sushi Elephant on North Road

Location: #204-403 North Rd, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3V9 Phone: (604) 917-0260 Hours: 7 days a week, 11:30am – 12:00am Hints:  Hard to find parking space Romantic ambiance Serves alcohol Specialty rolls Daily Specials I was introduced to Sushi Elephant by a few friends awhile back, but had never been really on my mind until last week. I got home from […]

Jimmy’s Place Restaurant

Location: 435 N Rd, Coquitlam, BC Phone: (604) 936-0779 Hours:  Mon-Sat, 7AM – 5PM Sun, CLOSED Holidays, 7AM – 4PM Hints:  Hidden corner cafe Diner food, serving mostly brunch style food Cash and debit only Order cafeteria style This is my first time at Jimmy’s place. Yes, it’s really hidden in the corner like Foodology had mentioned in […]

Good Friends

Location: 535 Clarke Road, Coquitlam, BC Phone: (604) 931-5535 | Hours: N/A When it comes to restaurants with interesting names, I think this one could well be on the list. This is a Korean restaurant on North Road in Coquitlam. It’s on the edge of all the Korean stores and restaurants but nonetheless it’s still Korean. The restaurant looks like […]

Korean Food Cart on North Road

Yes! You have heard it right. There are food carts in Coquitlam. However, this one isn’t very visible. It’s in the same mall as Hannam Korean Supermarket. In fact,  it’s actually right next to it, underneath the bridge!  My girlfriend and I were on the grocery run for some hot pot food at Hannam and […]