10 Must-Try Chinese Signatures in 2016 in Vancouver!

This is my first time writing for Chinese Restaurant Awards. I was also honoured to be invited to their award ceremony, reception and tasting. Unfortunately, I could not attend. It was on days like this, I wished I was a full-time blogger. For those unfamiliar with Chinese Restaurant Awards, they were founded in 2008. (This is […]

Hakkasan Bistro Cafe

#EWRL Disclaimer: I was invited by ChineseBites for a tasting in some of Hakkasan Bistro’s Signature items! Opinions are my own. Hakkasan Bistro is a family-run restaurant in the outskirts of Richmond, BC. It’s very close to the International Summer Night Market, which is also out of Central Richmond. However, many good restaurants are hidden in the middle of […]

Specialty Chicken & Wonton House 農場雞莊

Location: Unit 80-90, 8100 Ackroyd Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 3J9 (Same mall as PriceSmart Foods) Phone: (604) 278-8239 Hours: Unknown Hints:  Large shared parking lot Takeout available Famous for chicken   My girlfriend and I are always on the look for something new to try. And since we are in Richmond and we couldn’t decide what to have […]

Western Lake Seafood Restaurant (Dim Sum Edition)

Location: 4989 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC Phone: (604) 321-6862 Hours: N/A Hints: Small parking/ street parking Reservations highly recommended Traditional Chinese food Small restaurant A week or so ago, I wrote a review on dinner at Western Lake Seafood Restaurant out on Victoria in Vancouver. I’m back this week to talk about their dim sum. Western Lake has always […]

Deer Garden Signatures (Sexsmith)

Location: 3779 Sexsmith Road, Suite 1118, Richmond, BC V6X 3Z9 (Continental Mall) Phone: (604) 278-3779 | Hours: N/A Website: http://www.deergarden.ca/ Hints: Get your name down before you even park! It’s packed here always. If you’re good at making this one thing and is successful at it, might as well just up sell it and make a lot of it! This is exactly what […]

Chinese New Year Food

Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year! (Officially) Today is the official Chinese Lunar New Year and back home everyone’s probably busy going around to relatives and celebrating this festive season. But, since Canada haven’t yet made this a stat holiday yet…we had to celebrate on the weekends because that’s when most people don’t have work or what […]