Everybody loves Cheeeeese Tarts!

I can’t believe how fast a month has gone and I’m just starting off with my first post of the year. I was away for a couple of weeks at the beginning of the year, back to the motherland. Every time I go back, there’s always a new thing trending! This time, it’s half-baked cheese […]

(蘭芳園)Lan Fong Yuen in Central, Hong Kong

Breakfast is one of those meals I rarely eat when I was a student and something I can’t miss out when I’m working now. This is probably a combination reason of getting up early and using your brain in the morning. And for everything to function properly, the brain will need food. So what do […]

Oliver’s Super Sandwiches (Hong Kong)

One of the hardest things to find in Hong Kong is a spot to sit down and relax. On average, I think the number of steps I take in Hong Kong versus Vancouver is probably a 10:1 ratio. That’s how much people rely on walking in Hong Kong. Another thing that I wasn’t very used […]

Happy Chinese New Year! (fr. Hong Kong McDonald)

It’s my first actual blog post for the year of 2012! I know it’s been long since the last time I wrote, and I really want to give a sincere thanks to those who have subscribed to my blog and those first time visitors, my most sincere welcome to you! Even though I haven’t been […]