Char 631 – A Modern Steakhouse

#EWRL Disclaimer: I was invited by Della Casa Restaurant Group for a tasting dinner at one of their newest establishments, Char 631! Opinions are my own. Char 631 is one of the newest restaurants owned by Della Casa Restaurant Groups, located on 631 Lougheed Hwy right next to the Ramada Hotel. I don’t drive by that way very much, hence, […]

Exciting News & Updates!!

My first Zomato review after they have acquired Urbanspoon! It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. It almost felt strange coming back. But it’s good to be back after a long break!! There’s lots of exciting news to share but first and utmost I’d like to introduce my then girlfriend but now my fiancée to […]

Little Babycakes (a new type of cupcake in town)

It is with my greatest privilege to introduce to you a new type of cupcakes in town: “Little Babycakes”. Little Babycakes reached out to me just before Christmas to sample their cupcakes, so I said sure, why not? It caught me by surprise that they personally delivered these “little baby cupcakes” to my door! I […]

What’s new in Vancouver?

When it comes new restaurants in Vancouver, there’s no shortage. There’s a few that are opening this Spring that maybe worth the visit. Located at 1043 Mainland Street in the heart of Yaletown is a new Greek restaurant by Anatoli Souvlaki which has been a long time Greek restaurant serving in the Lonsdale area for over […]

Soft Peaks – Grand Opening

A new twist on ice-cream is here! There’s lots to love about ice-cream, especially during the summer time. My girlfriend raves for ice-cream and dreams about opening one up, but …one day! Anyways, Soft Peaks is two brothers (Dan & Ken Kim) owned ice-cream joint. What sets them apart? Their ice-cream is made with Avalon […]

My Top Picks for Dine Out Vancouver 2015

Every year I’m late joining the bandwagon of posts for the Dine Out Vancouver Festival. Not sure why, maybe because I don’t get too excited about it than I used to. Anyway, #DOVF is back for the 13th time this year. Has it been that long? Wow! Time sure flies. So for those who have […]

Crave – Dine at the Heights APR 22-24!

For those of you who live in North Burnaby or “Burnaby Heights”, you probably heard of Crave. For those who haven’t heard of Crave, this is a smaller version of Dine Out Vancouver. Only roughly two dozens of restaurants are involved with Crave. However, they are all representing restaurants in the Burnaby Heights area. I heard of Crave […]

#DOVF Dine Out Vancouver 2014 – My Top Picks!

It’s with excitement every year that foodies and non-foodies gets together and it becomes a common topic for all. Where are you going for Dine Out this year?! Everyone spends extra time studying the menus that they probably know it by heart and know exactly what they will order before they even get to the […]