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I’ve been to Nao for Sushi at their other location in Burnaby and it is always packed! When I learnt that Nao was coming to Coquitlam, I was a bit surprised as we already have many great Sushi places in the area but interesting move for Nao to move to Coquitlam of all places. This is great news for foodies in Coquitlam as there is another choice for sushi nights. Hopefully it is true that competition drives prices down.

Ikayaki (Grilled Squid)
Chicken Karaage

Loved both the appetizers we ordered here tonight. The squid was flavourful and had just the right chew. The chicken karaage was deep fried to perfection yet remains juicy.

Lobster Sashimi Boat

This was the star of the night. Nao serves up fresh lobster sashimi served on a platter of assorted sashimi (tuna, salmon, Tako, Hokki, Ebi, Tsubugai, and Hamachi). Lobster was quite fresh, though there were only about 8 pieces of lobster sashimi.

Lobster miso broth udon

For $2 more, they can use the head and legs of the lobster to make a lobster miso broth served with udon. It’s well worth it and doesn’t waste the entire lobster. However, you can’t really taste the lobster in the soup.


Ordered a couple of rolls. I believe the were Negitoro (chopped tuna & green onion), Negihama (chopped Hamachi & green onion), and a Una Tama roll (BBQ Eel, Tamago and Tobiko).

Salmon & Hamachi Sashimi

Because we didn’t have enough Sashimi from the Lobster boat, we ordered more. Sad that they ran out of Tuna Toro but the Hamachi was quite good too.


Nigiri is a must here! They are quite worth the value for the money. My favourites here are the hotate (scallop) and akaebi (sweet prawn).

Tamago Nigiri

Don’t forget the Tamago Nigiri. It’s huge!


Chirashi Don
Chirashi Don

The Chirashi here is quite worth the mention. Especially the rice which has shredded mushroom and some type of shredded fish paste. This is different from the normal plain rice at other places. The amount of sashimi it came with was generous and came with a variety.

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