Sushi Buzza

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Yikes! It’s been a month since my last blog post. I really need to get back into the game before my name falls off the list of Google searches! Content creation is no easy task, maintaining content is a much harder task and never mind having interesting content.


Buzza Japanese Restaurant is in the Mallarville area of Coquitlam. It’s not a prime location, so unless you live in the area or happen to pass by it, it’s not really visible. At first when I passed by and saw the sign, it was an Italian restaurant but for some reason after a long time the Italian place never opened and turned into a Japanese restaurant.

Beef Yaki Soba – $9.95

I ordered the beef yaki soba. The portions of beef and noodles was quite generous. I was a bit sick that day but still managed to taste flavour to it.

Dinner Sushi Box B – $15.95

My other half got a Dinner Sushi Box which came with a shrimp sunomono (I think this is the first time I’ve seen such a huge prawn in a sunomono), 4 pieces of nigiri, 1 roll, an appetizer, an assorted tempura and a miso soup.


Overall, the restaurant was clean and new throughout. The lot seems to be a bit shady as it’s next to an empty low (which used to be a gas station). The food was great and service was attentive. There are lot of other alternatives in the area, so hopefully this one will stay in the long run.

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