Everybody loves Cheeeeese Tarts!

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I can’t believe how fast a month has gone and I’m just starting off with my first post of the year. I was away for a couple of weeks at the beginning of the year, back to the motherland. Every time I go back, there’s always a new thing trending! This time, it’s half-baked cheese tarts! These “cheese tarts” are seriously delicious!

The cheese tarts comes with a crispy baked tart dough, then filled with tender soft cheese mousse. The top looks baked but the inside is soft and creamy!

Cheese Tart @ Hanjuku Kobo

This particular one, I really liked from a newer store called “Hanjuku Kobo” 半熟工房 currently located in Tsim Tsa Tsui, Hong Kong.

Hanjuku Kobo

The lineup was out the door, as with many trendy hit items in Hong Kong. It’s the culture here. And so is with many things that comes from Japan, it’s usually an instant hit. The cheese tarts here are at $22HKD a piece (~$4CAD). I have a feeling that this place will probably open a few more stores in Hong Kong in the near future. Mainly because the tarts here were quite tasty. They have two flavours, original and green tea.

Original Cheese Tarts @ Hanjuku Kobo

I loved the proportion of tart and cheese mousse at Hanjuku. The mousse was especially warm and soft.


BAKE was the original cheese tart that exploded in Hong Kong from Hokkaido, Japan. This was their flagship store inside SOGO Department Stores in the famous Causeway Bay. There was also a lineup here and I think we waited in line for about 20 minutes, which wasn’t that bad. I’ve heard line up gets pretty ridiculous here into the hours here.


The lineup here is pretty strategic. They let about 10 people line up at a time. The rest of the line is in a corridor away from traffic and it’s until you get a number then you get to stand in line and take your order.

Cheese Tart @ BAKE ($20HKD) 

The cheese tarts at BAKE is made from 3 cheeses – 2 from Hokkaido and 1 from France. The tart is double baked. The baked tart here looks thick compared to Hanjuku but it tasted crisply good! There didn’t seem to be as much cheese mousse nor as baked evenly as Hanjuku. I was a little disappointed when I bit into it and it was lukewarm at most. Though this was the original, I’ve had to give the winner to Hanjuku Kobo.

Later when I looked online, the tart could’ve been enjoyed more than one way! Either “hot” from a toaster oven, or cold from a refrigerator, or even iced – like ice-cream! Check out their website for more ways to enjoy it.

Overall, I think whomever thought of this product is a genius! I don’t normally get this overly excited about tarts. But just that I’ve now tasted this first hand, I feel like all you wonderful people should know and hopefully get to taste it one day (if it ever makes it to Vancouver)!