Hearthstone Pizza (Unlimited Toppings)

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#EWRL Disclaimer: I was invited by Hearthstone Pizza to taste their delicious thin crust pizza made before my eyes! Opinions are my own.

Hearthstone Pizza is a new addition to the Poco Place Mall, specializing in fresh baked pizza in a 600 Celsius stone oven with unlimited toppings starting at a very attractive price of $6.95.

Hearthstone Pizza

My friends at Hearthstone reached out to me awhile ago to see if I was interested to try their custom artisan pizza. Sure, why not? I’m all for supporting new businesses getting their name out! My fiancée and I came on a Friday night (a.k.a. “pizza night”). A line was forming steadily, which was good because it gave me time to study the menu.

The Menu

Literally 3 steps to the menu, pick dough, pick sauce, select unlimited toppings. It’s kind of like Subway for Pizza says the fiancée.

The Dough
The Dough

The dough is flatten in front of your eyes with their flattener. Although it says, “choose your dough”. I was never asked what type I wanted, so if anyone finds out, update me in the comments below.

Pick your sauce

You get to pick from their selection of sauces: red, white, BBQ, or olive oil.

Cheese and Meats

Then you get creative with a selection of cheese and proteins. Select from blue cheese, ricotta, feta, mozza, low-fat mozza, and parmesan. Proteins include ham, chicken, meatballs, bacon, italian sausage, pepperoni, and anchovies.


There are quite a bit of selections, including most of the regular toppings you’d get at a pizza joint. But what you get here at Hearthstone is UNLIMITED toppings! It could get messy and creative but the best thing is you pick what you exactly want on your pizza.

My Creation (before it went in the oven)!

This was my creation on Friday night. I don’t even remember what I put on there, there’s probably zucchini slices, pepperoni, pineapple bites, mushrooms, green pepper, bacon, mozzarella, parmesan and topped it off with olive oil drizzle.

BBQ Chicken

My fiancée tried one of their signature pizzas but even then she added a bit of her own veggies mix to it, spinach and mushrooms?!

Woodstone Oven

After all that, it goes into the oven! It’s quite an interesting experience because you get to see everything cooked before your eyes.

The BBQ Chicken (Regular size)
Robin’s (Regular) Pizza

Results were amazing! It takes about 5 minutes before it’s served on your table or you could get it to go. But I think it tastes better when it’s fresh and hot from the oven. There’s air con in the restaurant which cools the pizza down almost instantly, so better take the first bite before it cools. The thin crust was the perfect amount of crisp. I was quite impressed with this. A regular (6 pretty big slice pizza) is just $8.95 or there’s a personal small size for just $6.95. They also have a selection of salads and drinks.

Overall, I’m fairly pleased with new addition of Hearthstone. It’s a great little place for fresh pizza right and the price seems to be right for someone looking beyond the regular pizza chains. It could get busy if everyone comes at once, but they are fairly quick at making each orders.
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