Hello fellow foodies. It’s not regularly I rave about about a dessert place. Although, I do love desserts very much. But this one I definitely recommend. I found out about this place through one of my church friend and definitely if you have some place to recommend hit me up anytime because there’s just no way that I can explore all these awesome places without breaking the bank. And I believe sharing is caring!

Combo 3 – Emperor’s Pik

I fell in love with Icepik on my first visit. It was a hot summer day, so something cool was in order. After having a hearty meal at Burgoo with the gang, I suggested we try something light and sweet. Hence, I remember Icepik. It was the best choice ever cause everyone liked it. Despite inside was like an oven, they don’t have air con and it was just super stuffy even with fans. So we decided to just eat on the busy streets of Kingsway. It’s really not the optimal place to have a dessert, but with most desserts place it’s in some shady place in town.

Icepik is not your traditional shaved ice. They call it a “snow cream”, a hybrid of traditional Hawaiian shaved ice (had no idea shaved ice came from Hawaii) and ice-cream. It was light and fluffy, like SNOW.

Icepik has 5 pre-made combos and of course you can always make your own combo. It was our first time, so we decided to go with their pre-selected combos. The Emperor’s Pik could not be a better choice as we both love green tea/matcha. The Emperor’s Pik was green tea snow cream with mochi (house made rice cakes), grass jelly, mango and lychee jelly.


There’s 4 different sauces to pick from to make your snow cream more sweet: chocolate, strawberry, caramel and condensed milk. We topped it with condensed milk and it was just amazing!

Combo 4 – Fresh Pik’d Fruit

Came back on a second occasion, this was the Fresh Pik’d Fruit. A mango snow cream with mango, strawberries, mochi and mango jelly. We both thought the Emperor’s Pik was better. Usually the first choice is always better (almost always).

Give it a try before the cold starts to kick in. It’s definitely worth a try. The snow cream is much smoother compared to shaved ice. It is fairly priced, starting at $4.50.

Know any other dessert places, let me know in the comments section below!
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