Hearthstone Pizza (Unlimited Toppings)

#EWRL Disclaimer: I was invited by Hearthstone Pizza to taste their delicious thin crust pizza made before my eyes! Opinions are my own. Hearthstone Pizza is a new addition to the Poco Place Mall, specializing in fresh baked pizza in a 600 Celsius stone oven with unlimited toppings starting at a very attractive price of $6.95. My friends […]

Burgoo on Main

Burgoo has been on my list of restaurants to visit for a long time. It’s been on my waitlist for so long mainly because I don’t live in that neighbourhood and for good reasons, there’s just so many restaurants on Main Street alone. Well, the gang wanted to meet up and someone decided to chill here. […]

Icepik Shavery (Best shaved ice in Vancouver!)

Hello fellow foodies. It’s not regularly I rave about about a dessert place. Although, I do love desserts very much. But this one I definitely recommend. I found out about this place through one of my church friend and definitely if you have some place to recommend hit me up anytime because there’s just no […]