#Gatropost100 Party

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#Gastropost100 Party

Gastropost was celebrating their 100th mission last night and they invited fellow gastroposters to a sumptuous party at YEW Seafood  & Bar at the Four Seasons Vancouver hotel. The space was small, hence, it was packed with people of all walks. (Mostly foodies all in one room.) The service was phenomenal and so was the vibe.

The one of many things that I like about foodies being in one room is NOT that they’ll eat all the food (which does happen, eventually) but that the camera gets to eat first and nobody will hurry you up. So here goes some of the bites that was served up tonight by Ned Bell’s kitchen at YEW.

Albacore Tuna

This is Albacore Tuna smoked with sea salt and a lime soy sesame. Couldn’t really taste the smoked flavour but the tuna was tasty.

Heirloom Tomato (*Gluten Free)

The Heirloom Tomato is a Gazpacho recipe, served cold.

Humpack Shrimp Spoon (*GF)

A tasty spoon indeed. Using Ocean Wise spoons (or reusing), served a humpack shrimp with lemon aioli. The spoons were re-used from the Ocean Wise challenge + as a treat we got to keep the spoon!

Green Garbanzo Bean Relish (*GF)

At first, I thought I was eating guac on a spoon. But then I read the menu, green garbanzo bean relish? As soon as I read “Green Bean”, I gulped. But after tasting it, not bad! Served with shaved Parmesan cheese and Cashew nuts.

Kennebec Fries and Truffle Aioli
Piping hot chips!

I don’t know how these were done (I mean, the fries, yes…) but the chips? These were really good! The iron plate was hot and the chips were hot. That’s probably why I had a sore throat this morning. But what the heck, these were amazing cause you know it can’t be done at home.

Seared Scallop (*GF)

These were hard to come by. But luckily I was able to get a shot of this before everyone dug their arms and hands for this. It’s a beautifully seared scallop with Vanilla bean dressing. The taste wasn’t as I had hoped, it just didn’t have that fresh seafood taste to it (for some reason).

Dungeness Crab Tacos

I leave the best to last. These were the best thing I had all evening. These Dungeness crab tacos were the bomb (w/ red miso, honey and radish). I couldn’t help but forked up a spoonful of the guac underneath. The tacos were crispy and the Dungeness crab complimented the taco very well, light and stringy.

YEW’s Ice Tea

I skipped the non-alcoholic drinks right from the start (sorry, not sorry)! But these were Ginger Mango peach and Berry tea.

Fresita Sparkling Wine

I was handed a glass. Sure, why not? It was a bit too sweet for my taste but after all it’s a sparkling wine. What can I say, right?


Alright, beer! Perfect match with the food tonight. Thanks to Samuel Adams for providing their Boston Lager, Rebel IPA and Summer Ale for tonight’s event. I had the lager. Let’s just say one was enough. Wish I could’ve tried a few more but then I had to drive so one was good.

Mini BC Blueberry Tart

Last but not least, ending the night with soft served ice-cream. It was melting by the time it came out. Quite messy to eat but it’s blueberry season so this was a great treat to end the night.

Gastropost 100

That wraps it up! Thanks again, Gastropost for a fun evening! Here’s to the next 100!