The Flying Pig

Sunny days call for Happy Hour. The Flying Pig has been on the wish list for awhile but haven’t really made it here till now. We chose the Gastown location over their other locations for convenience sakes and also because there was a Beer festival in Yaletown. We met up with our friends A&J on a Saturday afternoon. Surprisingly, it wasn’t packed. Our friends arrived earlier but it seemed the waiter couldn’t make up his mind on seating them until the whole party arrived. But in the end, they scored a table before we arrived.

$5 Beer

I believe they had two beers on their appy hour menu along with a bunch of other drinks that can be ordered from their wine & beverage menu. Most of them are reasonably priced. Their appies are also reasonably priced at $6 each.

Beet & Bresaola Salad

We ordered organic beets salad with Bresaola. A great summer dish as the beets creates a very refreshing taste.

Beef Short Rib Croquette

The short rib croquette came breaded and deep fried. It came with a spicy dipping sauce. Not a very exciting dish as I have hoped.

Steamed Clams

Although the clams were small in size but very well prepared. Prepared with white wine & herbs and topped with frites.

Andrew’s Pulled Pork Poutine ($7.5)

Not on their appy hour menu but they rave themselves for this side! It’s made with organice pemberton valley potatoes, pulled pork, melted cheese and gravy. Nothing beats melted cheese.

Crispy Brussels Sprouts ($6)

Also on their sides menu, these were brussels sprouts fried with lemon, parmesan and capers. It was very flavourful and right balance of saltiness this time. “A” mentioned last time it was very salty probably because of too much capers. You have been warned.

Crispy Salmon Cakes

I think these were my favourite tonight. Salmon was juicy and meaty inside, outside was crispy. It topped with a house made tartar sauce and greens. I was surprised to find 3 salmon cakes instead of 2. Very generous!

Overall, I liked the atmosphere at The Flying Pig. It was vibrant yet comfortable enough to carry a conversation. The appy hour menu items were priced fairly along with the portions. There’s a good variety of different genres of meat to satisfy the crowd. Though I’d like to see more seafood, perhaps that’s why the fiancée and I like Rodney’s so much. The service was friendly and laid back.


  • Cheaper parking just before Gastown and walk down
  • ‘Appy Hour everyday 4-6PM
  • Order sides as well! (Get the poutine!)

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