Artisan Tea Bar

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Location: 3578 Fraser St Vancouver, BC (& 20th Ave.)

Phone: (604) 563-8999

Hours: Tuesdays – Saturdays 11am – 7pm | Sundays 11am – 6pm | Mondays CLOSED


  • Street Parking
  • For the tea enthusiast

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Artisan Tea Bar

What to better do on a Spring afternoon than sip on a cup of tea? Stumbling upon Artisan Tea Bar in the area was a treat! You know the time you just had lunch and it wasn’t time for dinner yet, that’s when we found Artisan Tea Bar. It was a warm afternoon after lunch, we were looking for something to do. So I decided to dig out my phone and see what’s in the area and surely enough Artisan Tea Bar came up.

Artisan offers a variety of fresh tea, smoothies, iced teas, and lattes. It even offers an afternoon tea menu which is a good idea to book in advanced because it’s a fairly small place. I think this place is ideal for grab-and-go. The owner of this place is definitely a tea enthusiast. There is even a tea interactive board that will educate you on the different types of tea it offers.

Matcha Avocado

I had a matcha green tea with avocado, condensed milk, milk and ice all blended into a smoothie. It was perfect for a warm afternoon, even better if it was hot. The matcha was cooling and the hint of avocado was a perfect match. For those who love sugary loaded drinks, this ain’t for you. No sugar is added here, it’s all natural. The only sugar substance is probably the condensed milk.

Matcha Latte

Usually my girlfriend gets something different but she opted for something similar this time. The matcha latte was just the perfect sweetness. It wasn’t sugar loaded at all (unlike Starbucks version).

Artisan Tea Bar also offers Afternoon Tea service but it’s a good idea to book ahead in advanced as they only have a handful of tables.