Little Babycakes

It is with my greatest privilege to introduce to you a new type of cupcakes in town: “Little Babycakes”. Little Babycakes reached out to me just before Christmas to sample their cupcakes, so I said sure, why not? It caught me by surprise that they personally delivered these “little baby cupcakes” to my door! I was ‘wow-ed’ by that level of service. Kudos.


I received two boxes of these bite-sized cupcakes. My first impression when I opened the boxes were wow were these the tiniest little cakes ever. But made with so much attention to detail. It was a piece of art that I couldn’t decide which to bite into first.

Let me take your around and show you some of the popular flavours that Little Babycakes offer:

Earl Grey
Red Velvet
Double Chocolate
Salted Caramel

And the turquoise coloured looking one is a “Coconut Paradise”, which I don’t have a close-up of (probably cause I got too hungry and devoured it). All the babycakes were unique in their own way. But my favourite would be the original. My mentality around “original” being the best is because it’s the probably the very first one they perfected and if they can’t make the original good, then the ones to follow won’t be good.

I think these will make it big, especially in weddings and events because of their perfect one-bite size and their elegance looking shapes and flavours. So check them out at They are still looking for a store front, so stay tuned on where you can get a doze of these tiny cakes. If you really can’t wait, you are in luck! They will be popping up at Holt Renfrew Vancouver from March 28th till April 4th! Cupcakes will be on sale $7 for 6 and $13 for 12.

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