Soft Peaks – Grand Opening

A new twist on ice-cream is here! There’s lots to love about ice-cream, especially during the summer time. My girlfriend raves for ice-cream and dreams about opening one up, but …one day! Anyways, Soft Peaks is two brothers (Dan & Ken Kim) owned ice-cream joint. What sets them apart? Their ice-cream is made with Avalon […]

Burnaby Mountain Clubhouse – Dine Out Edition

Came here for Dine Out this year. It’s also the restaurant’s first time to join dine out, so we both weren’t sure what to expect. Just a bit of background of Burnaby Mountain Clubhouse, it is also known by “Mulligan’s House & Bistro”. It was renovated in July of last year, giving it a more […]

My Top Picks for Dine Out Vancouver 2015

Every year I’m late joining the bandwagon of posts for the Dine Out Vancouver Festival. Not sure why, maybe because I don’t get too excited about it than I used to. Anyway, #DOVF is back for the 13th time this year. Has it been that long? Wow! Time sure flies. So for those who have […]