Araxi @ Whistler (Happy Hour Edition)

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Location: 4222 Village Square Whistler, BC 

Phone: (604) 932-4540


dinner 5pm–11pm
bar til midnight
oyster specials 3–5pm
weekday lunch 11am-2:30pm
weekend brunch 10am–2pm


  • Buck a shuck (sorta… 12 for $12)
  • Inside Whistler Village


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Came to Whistler a few months ago and totally forgot about the experience here. Anyway, Araxi is the name. One of the most recognized fine dining restaurants in Whistler. From time to time, it’ll have specials (especially during low seasons). Well, I was in Whistler for a retreat and decided to stop at Araxi for happy hour during my free time.


Since it was a nice and warm Spring day, I sat at the patio. I was given a glass of lightly salted popcorn.

Grapefruit Ale – $7.50

How could I just have popcorn, so I ordered a Whistler Grapefruit Ale. It was not cheap, but meh! Nothing better than sitting on a patio on a warm day.

Dozen for $12

Instead of a buck a shuck, Araxi was smart and made you order a dozen off the bat! These are Joyce Point oysters they serve with a Raspberry vinaigrette. The oysters were fresh but some had bits and pieces of shells in them. Let’s just say I had a bit more expectation from a fine dining restaurant.

Joyce Point oyster

It was good to get a taste of Araxi and its offerings. I think it attract more people, if they had a real Happy Hour menu with more than just oysters.