The Fish Counter

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Location: 3825 Main St Vancouver, BC 

Phone: (604) 876-3474 | Web:


Daily 10am – 8pm
Now open Mondays
(Fish & chip counter opens at 11am)

  • Fish & Chips!
  • Street Parking
  • Very limited seating space
  • Take-out available

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The Fish Counter

Another busy week gone by, so sorry for not keeping my blog posts consistent this past months. I’ve been really busy and was just hard to keep up with the eating and writing. And I could totally see that in my audience drop in the past month, so just to make it up I’m going to do at least one post every week. Pinky swear! 😉 Anyhow, my brother and I stopped here for lunch on a weekday. We arrived around noon and there were only a few people. But soon after, swamps of people came. Guess we arrived at the right time.

The Fish Counter

It was a rather interesting setup they had, one side of the store was for fresh seafood pick up and a salad bar. And the other half (in this picture) is a cafeteria line up to order and a pick up counter. There were a few benches outside the restaurant, and literally “a counter” where you can stand and enjoy your food. However, there is one table for 2 that can enjoy the comfort of sitting down. So a great hint is find a spot before ordering (especially during peak hours) or else prepare to stand and hold your food while eating.

Bouillabaisse – $6.90

My brother and I shared a Bouillabaisse which is a fish stew with mussels, clams, fish in a tomato base and a dollop of roasted garlic puree. It was really good! The tomato base was not overpowering the soup at all, the seafood were fresh and I could taste the freshness in the stew. There were different kinds of fish and lots of ingredients. This would’ve been a lunch for one!

Fish & Chips – $15

We also shared the Pacific Cod and chips. There is a choice of 1/2/3 pieces at various prices. There were also Ling Cod, Wild Salmon and Halibut. It came with fries, cole slaw and tartar sauce. The fries were better than the fries at other fish & chips places I’ve had. They were crispy and well battered. The cole slaw was refreshing for a sunny day. My only complaint would have been more tartar sauce! But that’s probably cause I consume sauce like no other. The cod was good, well battered – crispy on the outside and quite solid on the inside.


In addition, you can add an oyster for $2 on top of your fish and chips meal. For some reason, our oysters took longer than usual, so it came separately. The oysters were on the small size (probably the size of a regular shucked oyster). I’m not sure if I liked the batter, it was a little over-battered.

Overall, I enjoyed The Fish Counter. All of their seafood is from local producers and is 100% oceanwise. For the gluten-free individuals, there are gluten-free options available. However, you have been warned about seating. There is a reason why this is called The Fish “COUNTER”. And they are now open Monday’s due to the high demand in Spot Prawns season!

 UPDATE: (Re-visit June 26th, 2014)

Crispy Cod Taco and Poached Halibut Taco – 4 for $20

Doña Cata’s Gluten-Free corn Tortilla, mango salsa, and spicey crema with a wedge of citrus.

Spring Salad Mix – $11.90

Seared BC Albacore Tuna, fresh grain (quinoa) and spring mix with mango salsa.