Location: 705 12th St, New Westminster, BC V3M 4J7

Phone: (604) 521-0019 | Website | Facebook

Mon – Fri: 10AM – 5PM
Sat: 11AM – 5PM
Sun: Closed

  • Paid Street Parking
  • Deli-style sandwich

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Big Star Sandwich

I don’t go to New West all that often just because I don’t really have a reason to go there. But the city’s got some pretty interesting restaurants which are on my wish list. Big Star Sandwich Co. is one of them. I had the opportunity to visit this place after a job interview in New West. It was still early, so the place was pretty empty.

Special Menu

I starred at the menu for a minute and couldn’t decide what to get, so I just decided to go for the Special of the Day.

Full Sandwich

Most of the sandwiches on the menu are the same price, $9 for a full and $5 for a half. This price includes tax!

Turkey, Bacon, Cheddar, Guac, Chipotle, Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato, Corn chips

The turkey is cooked fresh in-house served on a fresh filone. The addition of corn chips gave the sandwich a crunchy and crispy taste. I think I would find the sandwich more enjoyable if it was toasted, but since the sandwiches served here for deli-style it could be understandable that it’s served cold. This was the full size and half-size would be half of it, pretty much the same size as most Sub places.

Overall, I liked Big Star Sandwich Co. It’s worth a try if you are in the area. They also serve a variety of pop drinks and hot soup daily.


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