Location: 711 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1J6

Phone: (604) 879-0511

Hours: Open 7 days a week! 7:00AM – 10:00PM

  • Attached to Holiday Inn Vancouver
  • Paid Hotel Parking or Paid street parking
  • Specials on game day
  • Very Quiet ambiance

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Stages Bistro & Lounge, I believe is a new addition to the $18 group menu this year for Dine Out Vancouver. Now there’s many competitors out there when it boils down to Dine Out, but Stages was pretty hard to beat the price when you consider Stages menu and its portion. Though, there are some areas in which it could improve.

Anyway, my family and I came in on the last day of Dine Out and plus it’s Super Bowl Sunday! When I walked in at prime dinner time, there were only a handful of occupied tables. I’m guessing a hotel restaurant is not the place for watching the game, although they have a few specials.

Super Bowl Specials

Let’s start off with the Dine Out menu first! We ordered two Dine Out’s from the menu just to try how the Dine Out food differs from the regular menu.

Beef Carpaccio

First up, thinly sliced filet mignon served cold and raw with olive oil, dijon lemon sauce and capers. When they say “thinly sliced” it could not be more accurate, it was so thinly sliced that it was impossible to pick up one piece.


The toast came with the carpaccio, although it appears to be fine. Parents had mentioned it tasted burnt.

Crab Cake

The crab cake served with mixed greens and wasabi aioli was fantastic. It was hot, perfectly fried on the outside but soft and moist on the inside. It wasn’t too battered, perfect crab cake.

Salmon Fillet

The main portions were quite generous. The salmon fillet was made well and juicy. It came with wild mushroom & leek cream sauce, seasonal vegetables and you get a choice of rice or mashed potatoes. All our entrées we got mashed potatoes, which was a little of a disappointment because the mashed tasted like instant mashed potatoes. The cream sauce complimented the salmon very well.

Roasted Chicken

The roasted chicken was served with sun dried tomato pesto cream sauce, seasonal vegetables and mashed potatoes. This would have complimented well with rice, but guess I didn’t think of it well in advanced. Or that I just couldn’t picture how it came out. The chicken was dry, though the sauce settled the dryness but still it was dry. No juice from the chicken whatsoever.

Chocolate Pyramid Crunch

The dessert was surprisingly well done. The chocolate pyramid had a crunch on the bottom making it extremely addictive. It came with fresh whipped cream and a strawberry with sauce on the side. The dessert was surprisingly not too sweet, as with most chocolate desserts. It was very enjoyable.

On top of this, we also ordered from their special and regular menu. Thanks to Super bowl!

Alexander Keith’s Ale – $4.50

They have a drink special everyday of the week and so we got their Sunday special.

Honey and Garlic Wings

And what is beer without some wings! We couldn’t pass by the 20 cents per wing deal only on games day!

Cajun Wings
Hot Wings

Out of the three, I think the best tasting would be the Cajun. But if you like the sauce, I’d go with hot just because it wasn’t fiery hot. But comes loaded with sauce.

Prime Rib Dinner – $19

In addition to all that, we ordered from their regular menu. This was a AAA 9oz prime rib with yorkshire pudding, seasonal vegetables and a choice of potato or rice, served with red wine au jus. Although I ordered medium rare, it came well over medium. Beside the fact it was well-done, the steak was pretty good. The Yorkshire pudding could have been out of the oven perhaps a minute earlier.

The Bill

Overall, service was great. Our server was attentive and polite. He came back to check on us a few times. The restaurant was rather quiet but since it was the last day of Dine Out, Super Bowl, and a Sunday. I guess that was understandable. The ambiance was two folds, there was the dimmer dining side and a brighter, bar looking side where the TV’s were mounted. We sat on the TV side, however, I think ambiance would have been better on the dimmer “romantic” side. Price point, I think given the $18 group it was well worth it. Despite there are things that could be worked on. My favourite part was the dessert.

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