Nao Sushi – Dinner Edition

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Location: 7060 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5E 1E5

Phone: (604) 521-3131

Hours: Closed on Monday


  • Street Parking
  • Sushi Bar available
  • Can hold large parties
  • Reservations available

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Saba Battera – $7.95

This was my first dinner of 2014. Actually, my girlfriend and I didn’t put too much thought into what we were going to have but just a casual dinner. We decided to come to Nao Sushi, a Japanese restaurant which we had visited before for lunch back in 2011. Wow! It’s been more than 3 years since my blogging career?

The house was packed, I guess everyone wanted sushi to start the new year! We waited for 20 minutes until getting a table for 2.

The Saba Battera is a pressed sushi with ginger and saba. However, the rice this time was a bit loose. I barely could pick it up with my superb chopstick skills.

Assorted Nigiri

Nao Sushi offers a range of nigiri’s and quite the quality too given its price. We ordered our favourites, from top-left to bottom-right (toro, ika, tamago, nama aka ebi, hotate, ikura, chopped scallop. The chopped scallop was a mistaken order. The Nama Aka ebi was a special they had, which tasted really sweet just like amebi. The tamago was the biggest tamago I’ve had!

Fresh Oyster – $5.50

The fresh oyster was quite large and sweet served with ponzu sauce.

The Bill

Under $25 for dinner is a win!



i found nao a bit pricey for small portion size.

but that was like years ago...maybe it's better now