Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen

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Location: 2054 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC V5N 4A9

Phone: (604) 255-5550 (Don’t take reservations)

Hours: N/A


  • Take the bar seats if you don’t want to wait for a table
  • Specialize in nigiri sushi
  • All about presentation
  • Street parking
  • A date night kind of restaurant

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It’s been awhile since my last restaurant review. The holidays are just so busy sometimes and then there’s the after holidays effect where I just didn’t feel like writing. But anyhow, let’s start off this new year with a restaurant I visited last year! My girlfriend and I visited Kishimoto for the first time. And it was a rather late dinner, we waited for about half an hour before we got seated. It all depends on when you go in. There are paid street parking all along Commercial. But if you are lucky, you could find a parking spot on the side streets. Be sure to write your name on the wait list right away.

Toro Tataki – $11.50

We started off with a Toro Tataki. It was the best tataki I had in awhile. Came in a plate with seared tuna belly, loaded with green onions, garlic chips and ponzu. Everything just blended in and the green onions, there just wasn’t too much of it.

Salmon Oshisushi – $11.75

If you haven’t had their Oshisushi, you must try it! It will melt in your mouth. They have about 5 or 6 versions of Oshisushi. My girlfriend ordered the salmon oshisushi. It’s their version of pressed sushi which is always seared on top. You get a seared salmon on top with a piece of jalapeño, crackled black pepper and stuffed with creamy sauce and a piece of salmon sashimi. All their salmon sashimi here are Sockeye’s.

Unagi Ishirabe – $14.95

Ishirabe is their version of hot pot stone rice. We got the BBQ eel (unagi). My girlfriend was afraid there’d be bones in the fish, but luckily this was didn’t. Served with sauce, seaweed and of course unagi. The pot was quite hot, as warned by our waitress. I forgot to take a picture before the dish was all mashed up and mixed right in front of you.

Black Cod Misozuke – $13.95

And to end off the evening, we tried something from their special menu. The black cod misozuke which was small but light. The black cod was very smooth in texture and just slipped right into my mouth. It was seared very nicely but I didn’t think it was worth the $14. I knew Black Cod was pricy but I expected a little more. Nonetheless, it was a simple dish made right.

The Bill

Overall, the bill came to just under $55 before tips. The only thing about Kishimoto that I did not like was the wait time. Everything else about their ambiance, their service and food was above par. The price is a bit on the steep end, but with the quality of food served it was worth it. This is one of those restaurants where you go on a date night or to impress a friend!