Location: 200 – 7997 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 1A4 (Upstairs – across from London Drugs)

Phone: (604) 273-0888

Hours: 7 Days a week | 9:00am – 3:00pm | 5:00pm – 10:30pm


  • Famous for “Chiu Chow” dishes
  • “Lo Suey” Marinated  duck

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Parklane Chinese Restaurant

It was my first time at Parklane Chinese Restaurant for a high school reunion (sort of). I call it a reunion cause we only get to see each other once or twice a year now. One of my friends suggested coming here to try out their “Chiu Chow” (Chaozhou) dishes. Besides from traditional Cantonese cuisine, this place also offers authentic (or what I think is authentic) “Chiu Chow” cuisine. A little geography lesson here, “Chiu Chow” is a city in eastern Guangdong province in China.

Parklane Chinese Restaurant

I noticed little change since its previous owner moved next door. The structure and layout was very similar to the previous restaurant.

Kung Fu Tea

While studying the menu, our server brought us what’s really famous in Chiu Chow, Kung Fu Tea. It’s a really strong tea, but I think those who come from Chiu Chow would disagree the “strongness” of the tea.


Condiments are also served without asking: chili oil (left) and sweet/sour vegetables (right).

Marinated Tofu Egg

Chiu Chow is famous for their “lo suey” or marinated food. The marinate is made from dark soy sauce and had to be marinated for hours. I especially liked the tofu here, it is very soft on the inside and the soft-boiled egg was amazing. (It’s a love-hate relationship when it boils down to soft-boiled eggs.)

Marinated Duck (Half)

The marinated duck was pretty good too. Sliced boneless meat and in-bone leg. The meat was tender and juicy.


There is a sweet and vinegar dip for the duck. But I thought it was flavourful without the dipping already.

Fried Oyster Omelet

We ordered a fried oyster omelet which was also a well-known dish. Fairly oily but also extremely delicious (if you’re an oyster fan, you will need to try this).


The omelet came with a dipping sauce. Although, it was already quite flavourful without it. The sauce is a light fish sauce.

Pan Fried Gai Lan with Dried Sole

The Pan Fried Gai Lan was tasty but also oily. Despite the fact that we told them to go easy on the oil.

Overall, there’s some interesting dishes at Parklane. The food we ordered were on the whole good. The service may be a hit or a miss, I’ve observed that there are servers with quite the attitude.

What is the best “Chiu Chow” dish you have tried? Let me know in the comments section below. 

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