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Milestones Summer Tasting Event @ Yaletown

Milestones was not a foreign restaurant to me. I’ve been there on multiple occasions: birthdays, date night, casual dining, you-name-it! However, it’s been awhile since I stepped into Milestones. So when I got invited to their summer menu tasting event, I quickly said “yes”. Also, I was joined by my good friend Matt that evening. A pleasant surprise when we walked in, we were the first ones there (very rare). We were greeted by the GM, some members of the executive team, and of course, Chef Jason Rosso himself. It was quite the entrance. Especially members from the executive team, not something I had expected! But these people were pretty down-to-earth.

Canapés and Cocktails

While we waited for everyone to arrive, they had some pretty amazing canapés that were passed around. My particular favourite was the smoked salmon cream cheese on the top-left. The vodka with lemongrass, ginger, cilantro, and pineapple on the other hand was a mixture of feelings. At this point, we were warned to pace ourselves as the night was only about to begin. The amount of food and drinks that we were about to taste were going to be monstrous for a tasting event.

Milestones Yaletown

The dining room was beautiful (first picture), I loved the chandeliers, the setup, the floor to ceiling glass (allowing you to see right into the kitchen), everything about it just made it a very comfortable environment to be in. The table were decorated with colourful flower pots, the wood and stones also made a perfect match with the wooden walls on both sides. As we were getting seated, we were served with the option of Aquafina distilled water or San Pellegrino carbonated mineral water.

Alright, so finally onto the food after Chef Jason Rosso made introductions.

Note: All dishes presented are tasting sizes and do not represent the sizes of real dishes ordered.

Crispy Quinoa Shrimp ($9.99)
Crispy Quinoa Shrimp

First dish was a starter, a crispy quinoa shrimp. Served with chimichurri aioli and fresh summer vegetable slaw. This was almost a different version of tempura prawns. The quinoa was very crisp and went well with the sauce, however I thought the shrimp’s texture didn’t go very well with the quinoa. The dish was paired with “See Ya Later Ranch Pinot Gris”. (My second favourite wine of the night.)

Panko Blue-Crab Cakes ($11.99)
Panko Blue-Crab Cakes

The second course was a lightly battered blue-crab cakes served with chipotle aioli and a side of fennel and arugula salad. The crab cakes were amazing! It felt so good and filling that I did not notice the panko at all. The chipotle aioli was a perfect match with the crab cakes, I could not get enough of it. The salad was light, which complimented  well with the deep fried crab cakes. The dish was paired with “Kim Crawford’s East Coast Unoaked Chardonnay”.

Spicy Thai Basil Noodles ($18.99)

The third course was the first of 3 entrees. Sautéed prawns, chicken, and Asian vegetables with Thai rice noodles tossed in a coconut milk and spicy chili sauce. This was also my least favourite dish of the night. One of the main reasons was that the noodles were well overcooked and too mushy. Second was that the flavours just wasn’t there. Last but not least, everyone had lime on their plates but not mine. The dish was paired with the last white wine of the evening, a “NK’MIP Riesling”.

Grilled Ahi Tuna Tataki Salad ($18.99)

The fourth course was a salad entree. A marinated Ahi tuna loin with a fresh summer salad of arugula and mandarin orange, fennel, cherry tomatoes and a mandarin orange scallion dressing. A very summery dish indeed. The salad was light, I loved the light dressing that came with the Ahi Tuna Tataki. The tataki had a very strong grilled taste which I thought was pretty unique. The dish was paired with a “Mark West Pinot Noir”.

Chef Jason and Robin at work!

While we were anxiously waiting for our fifth course, I managed to get a peek of what the chefs were preparing for us. Rarely do I get to see this be done.

Surf & Turf ($27.99)

The fifth course was amazing! The best dish of the night hands down, I’m sure most who were there could agree with me. A fire-grilled iron steak with lobster fricassee, lobster red skin potato mash and steak cut tempura onion rings. The flat iron steak was super juicy, it was definitely the highlight of the night. The lobster was fricassee was a good pairing. But the steak was definitely the main show. And for this dish, it could be substituted for a sirloin or a striploin. The mashed wasn’t bad, not the best I had though. The onion ring was perfectly deep fried. The dish was paired “Dave Matthews Dreaming Tree Crush”. (Yes, the wine was named after the rock musician Dave Matthews.)

Avocado and Lime Tart

Last but not least, the sixth course was an avocado and lime tart with brown sugar Chantilly. The dessert was good in a sense that it wasn’t too sweet. I couldn’t really taste avocado and lime, it was there but very light. That being said, it was well-paired with the “Inniskillin Riesling Ice Wine”. A very fruity wine to end the night.

Constellation Brands

A thank you very much to Constellation Brands for providing the wine-pairing that evening. It was great to taste some of the local wines, though I’m not much of a wine geek. And of course Milestones Yaletown for hosting the evening. Besides the drinks, they were pretty damn right I was full for the night.

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