Location: 4760 Inglis Dr, Richmond, BC V7B 1L7

Phone: (604) 273-0278

Hours: Mon – Fri: 11AM – Midnight, Sat & Sun: 9AM – Midnight

Web: http://www.markjamesgroup.com/flyingbeaver.html | Menu: Available on website


  • More parking space across the street from restaurant
  • Beautiful scenery of waters on a sunny day
  • Patio
  • Come here for the food!
  • No minors
  • Complimentary ride (conditions apply)

Flying Beaver Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

Flying Beaver

I debated on doing a post on Flying Beaver. After all, it is a bar. And there’s no need for a reason to come to a bar (at least for guys). However, I think the food alone was good enough for me to rave on. A couple of us came here for the NBA Finals after work. At first, I didn’t want to come all the way out from Coquitlam. But once I heard Flying Beaver, my alarm went off. This was my first time at Flying Beaver and that was my excitement. The place is pretty small. And it was in a pretty awkward location too (next to a sea plane departure zone).  Being either super excited that the Miami Heats will win or that I was just tired, I had walked right passed the security dude standing at the door (so embarrassing). So guys, remember they check ID before you step in.

Flying Beaver

The place was packed shortly after the first quarter. Like most pubs and bars, it’s seat yourself. Flying Beaver is no different.

Our Table

I was not kidding when I said the place was small, even our table was small. But we managed to eat a plated dinner with drinks for 6 people. (Pretty impressive!)

Nachos Condiments

We shared a nachos before dinner because we were waiting for @anothersamchan to slowly arrive. The nachos was alright, lots of toppings. The basket was more of a presentation to hide how shallow the dish was. There wasn’t a lot or at least not as big as it seems. I liked the “guac” and the housemade salsa. The salsa had a spice in it that really brought out the flavours.

Spring 1516 Lager

Flying Beaver have drinks and food specials everyday. So for Thursday, it’s a Spring 1516 Lager from the Okanagon’s for $5 (tax included). And they don’t have a pint. They only serve sleeves.

Steak Dinner

Thursday nights is steak night. It’s a 7oz. angus sirloin steak, 4 sauteed prawns, a loaded baked potato and seasonal vegetables (in our case beans) for $11.95. Let’s start off with the steak, it was juicy (a little too cooked for my liking), but no complaints. It was well seasoned. The prawns were decent size and flavourful. The potato wasn’t bad. But the best tasting thing on the dish was surprisingly the beans! It was fried and seasoned. It was so well seasoned and so fresh that each bite was snap-snap-snap. For $12, you really can’t get better than this.

Overall, I was impressed by the food here. The drinks are a bit on the high-end. It’s a pretty decent place for dinner or brunch on a sunny day. You will be too busy looking at the view outside rather than inside.



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