Location: 170 Brew St., Port Moody, BC V3H 5N1

Phone: (604) 949-4255 (Direct Hotline)

Hours: Store Hours

Web: http://www.thriftyfoods.com/EN/main/locations/port-moody.html | Menu


  • Underground Parking
  • Order and shop / Phone and pickup
  • Woodstone Pizza
  • Calzone
  • Make your own toppings

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For those who are pizza fanatics, please be aware. I discovered this pizza kitchen inside Thrifty Foods one day while I was shopping at the Thrifty’s in Port Moody. It was different than my local Thrifty’s because it’s got this “Woodstone Kitchen”. So being a foodie, I took one of its menu home and studied it. But it wasn’t till today that I actually had the chance to try it. And I regretted not trying this sooner!

I ordered the pizza in advance from home and yes, the kitchen answered the phone directly. No transferring, no waiting (well, maybe for a couple seconds). But in general, no hassle. The kitchen said it would be 25 – 30 minutes before the pick up, which sounded good to me cause it would take time to drive there, then there’s parking and traffic (yes, TRAFFIC! on a Saturday afternoon).

Woodstone Pizza Kitchen

I arrived just at the perfect timing as the second pizza came right out of the oven. Most pizza joints use roller blades, but not here! One gigantic knife will do. Though, after getting home I realized some pieces weren’t cut all the way through. The drive home was almost irresistible, the pizza smelled so good inside the car and I was so hungry that I wanted to reach for a piece. 

Marco Pollo – $9.99

They had two sizes, a personal and a share me size. The personal is 6-7″ and 11-12″ on multigrain or white crust. I chose the share me size with white crust. The pizza was still hot when I got home. I was ready to dig in, but of course I had to dig out the camera and sacrifice some time for all of you! The Marco Pollo had roasted chicken, spinach, tomatoes, red onion, roasted garlic, mozzarella blend and pesto. Everything about the pizza was just perfect. My girlfriend loved the thin crust.

The Port Moody – $9.99

The Port Moody was roasted chicken, balsamic onions, banana peppers, BBQ sauce and Mozzarella blend. I would’ve chose a different one if I knew this was going to be a spicy pizza. It didn’t dawn on me that the banana peppers were pretty hot. But nonetheless if you like BBQ sauce with a zest, this one is for you.

Overall, I loved the pizza here at Thrifty Foods Pizza Kitchen. And for $10, this is very attractive. Especially that it’s from a woodstone oven. Calzones are also available at this location. I think this is my new favourite pizza joint!! Too bad they don’t do delivery. If you live within a 10 minutes drive from the Port Moody Thrifty Foods, I think it’s pretty much guaranteed it’ll still be hot when you get home.

What’s your favourite pizza joint? Let me know in the comments section below.


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