Feastro the Rolling Bistro

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Location: Thurlow & West Cordova, Vancouver, BC

Phone: 604-868-9339

Hours: Open 7 days a week for lunch!

Web: http://www.feastro.ca/

  • Food Truck
  • Featured on Eat St.
  • Famous for tacos, seafood, etc.

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Feastro the Rolling Bistro

It’s that time of year again for food trucks season. The bright and sunny days are back in town! Today, we are visiting Feastro the Rolling Bistro. A food truck that serves up fresh tacos, fish & chips, sandwiches. But mostly related to seafood.


What a terrible shot! But my hands were limited, so indeed these are two tacos. Pulled pork (left) and Tuna (right). The pulled pork was very juicy, so juicy that  I couldn’t pick it up. It’s got slow roasted & smoked pulled pork, refried beans, tomato & star arise chutney, shaved cabbage, sour cream, hand cut salsa and pickled jalapenos. The tuna is a grilled local albacore tuna with tomato and star anise chutney, shaved cabbage, miso aioli, wakame, pickled ginger, tabiko, and bonito flakes. The tuna was also very enjoyable. Super light and refreshing.

If I were to choose again, I would definitely pick the tuna.