Jeong Ga Nae Korean Restaurant

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Location: 2922 Glen Dr, Coquitlam, BC V3B 7H8 (Behind Coquitlam Centre)

Phone: N/A

Hours: Closed every 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month. Opens at 11:30AM otherwise.

  • Korean DIY BBQ
  • Serves alcohol

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Jeong Ga Nae

My girlfriend noticed a new Korean restaurant opening up when she passed by going home one night, this replaced the previous Green House BBQ restaurant that I was planning to go back to try out their BBQ. I guess we just weren’t meant to be.

$4.99 Lunch Special

Upon their grand opening, they are doing a lunch special for $4.99 on their Pork Soup, which I interpret as their Pork Bone and Potato Soup. The price is pretty good because most places would only be $9-10. So if you want to try them out, be sure to visit before the end of April to get the special!

Inside the restaurant

The inside didn’t change much, except I did notice the lighting isn’t all awkward and blue anymore. It brings a warmer ambiance than before.

The Banchan

Like all Korean restaurants, this comes with complimentary appetizers. I didn’t really like the ones they have here. The only one I probably liked most was the bean curd looking one. All the others were sour.

Potato and Pork Bone Spicy Stew – $22.95

I always love getting one of these at Korean restaurants. The stew itself is flavourful and heart-warming, especially on a cold day. The pork bone stew here was unlike others that I’ve had. It had more vegetable ingredients like carrots, cucumber, and onions. Onions are usual, but not cucumber and carrots. But they did taste really good by the end. The stew itself was alright, the stew had a pretty strong spice in it that I wasn’t particular fond of. But overall, not too bad. However, I would like to see more potatoes.


The stew came with rice for 2. Upon opening the rice bowl, I was pretty surprised to find it purple. Normally, they have white rice. But not this one. I guess it’s only healthier! It tasted just like normal rice.

LA Ribs – $12.95

We didn’t want to get the DIY BBQ because the minimum order was 2. But I guess with a bigger group, it’d be okay. So we ordered something that was made in the kitchen. The LA Ribs came sizzling hot on the table. It tasted just like the ones you can make at home with Korean BBQ sauce. But nonetheless, it was good. Though we question the value of it.

Take out

And no worries if you can’t finish your stew, you can have it take out. We obviously didn’t finish, I saw the table next to us with 3 grown men sharing the same stew. I say we did pretty good.

Overall, Jeong Ga Nae seems to be a good addition to the Coquitlam Centre area because there’s not a lot of Korean restaurants around. Especially good ones! I think with the addition of BBQ, there will be more people dining here. Although I like the flavours of Green House BBQ more. The prices are similar to other Korean restaurants around Vancouver. The hot pot was a bit cheaper than other restaurants. The service was mediocre with only 2 servers, so if the restaurant is full house be prepared to wait.