Cafe Cameron 金馬港式餐廳

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Location: #2116 – 3779 Sexsmith Rd, Richmond, BC (Inside Continental Mall)

Phone: 604-370-0988


Mon – Sun 11AM – 9:30PM besides Wed 11AM – 2:30PM
  • Cash Only

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Cafe Cameron

I was invited to check out this new Cafe in Richmond by the owner’s daughter. I really liked the hot pot place that was here before the coming of this new restaurant. However, they didn’t last. Anyhow, we came on a sunny Saturday late afternoon. It was close to 2 or 3. The place was surprisingly quiet with only a few other table occupied.

My girlfriend and I ordered from their lunch menu after studying their selections. They only have a few lunch specials compared to other HK style cafe’s. Yet they average out to be $10 per lunch.

Hot Horlicks
Cream Corn Soup
Minestrone Soup
Garlic Bread

Each lunch came with a drink, a soup, a piece of garlic bread and the entree. For drinks, we both got Horlicks. We both agreed that it was a bit watered down. The soups were pretty good. And because my throat wasn’t feeling that well, I didn’t have the garlic bread. Though it looks nicely toasted.

Pan Fried Cod Filet with Cream of corn butter sauce on rice – $8.95

The presentation on the whole was nice. However, the fish was a little disappointed as it was luke warm while the cream tasted just the same as the cream soup.

Baked Bolognaise – $8.95

The presentation again was pretty nice. However I did not particularly liked the sauce. It was a bit overwhelming to taste, very acidic. It tasted something straight out of a sauce can.

The menu did have a twist into the normal things you see on a HK Style Cafe restaurant, however, the food really needs to live up to it. And there is definitely improvements that needs to be done here. The pricing are average of what you will find at a HK style Cafe. The decors did not change since the last time I came when it was still a hot pot place, everything seems to be the way it is. For its price, there are much better options in the area. The staff were friendly. But most importantly, until the food is improved I don’t think I will be back.