Tairyou Ichiba 大漁市場

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Location: 4300 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 1Z9

Phone: 604-451-3331 (Reservations accepted)


Lunch: Mon, Wed-Fri: 11:30 – 2PM
Mon, Wed, Thurs: 5:30PM – 12AM
Fri, Sat: 5:30PM – 1AM
Sun: 5:30PM – 11PM


  • $1 All Nigiri
  • Paid street parking (depending on when you go)
  • Opens late

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Tairyou Ichiba

My girlfriend had stumbled upon Tairyou Ichiba awhile back but every time that we wanted to come try this it was closed. So finally, we had called in ahead of time just to make sure it was opened before we head out in that direction. I find that one easy call could save you a lot of time.

Tairyou Ichiba

It was a pretty interesting experience just walking through the doors of Tairyou because they have ancient wooden doors and the restaurant was decorated with banners and Japanese art work.

The Chair

I found the most intriguing thing was the chair I sat on. The back was “spin-able” meaning that there was no way I could lean on the chair and not slip.

Assorted Sashimi

We started with the sashimi. I only had half my taste buds that evening because I was sick. But nonetheless, raw fish just didn’t stop me! There was a combination of salmon, tuna, ika, and conch. The sashimi platter was not bad, I think the sashimi here lacks the sweet flavour of fresh sashimi. But we’ll see how other things measure up.

Combination of Nigiri

I think how Tairyou is different from other Japanese restaurants is their nigiri. Their nigiri’s are $1 each and you can choose from a wide selection! They appear to be fresh, but again like the sashimi it lacks the fresh flavours. But for $1 I can’t complain. There is just no place in Vancouver that is cheaper than this (of my knowledge). We ordered a combination of ika, toro, saba, aji, masago, tamago, and chopped scallop.


I’m not sure why we went all out sashimi tonight. But our last dish was Amaebi (sweet prawns), which was on their daily special menu. I liked how the shrimp heads came deep fried, my girlfriend enjoyed this. While, I could only stare at it cause I didn’t want to lose my voice quite yet. The amaebi, liked the sashimi, lacked the fresh taste to it. Usually it’s sweet and melts right into your mouth but not today.

Overall, the food was alright. The raw foods lacked the fresh (sweet) taste. However, I can’t say much for the cooked food. I will have to come back for it. The value for nigiri here is unbeatable with most places in Vancouver. It’s probably one of the cheapest if you want nigiri/sushi. The ambiance is probably a surprise to those who are first timers, but I like how the different areas of the restaurant is laid out. The flags and artwork on the wall adds a much more dynamic ambiance to the restaurant. The service was good, although it did get busy as the night progressed.

The Bill

The bill came to just under $40 for 2. Not too bad, since all we got were sashimi. Will definitely have to be back to try their cooked food items.

Derek Cheung
Derek Cheung

Tairyou is pretty much pub style japanese food. In a good way of course. It's the kind of place you want to get some sake or beer and just drink and social. When I went, I decide o get some sake along with the sushi and turned an typical day to one to remember.