Location: 2922 Glen Dr, Coquitlam, BC V3B 7H8

Phone: 604-468-2661

Hours: Mon – Sat: 11:30AM – 10:00PM | Closed Sunday


  • Specializes in Korean BBQ
  • Shared parking lot
  • Behind Coquitlam Centre
  • Weird lighting inside

Green House Korean BBQ on Urbanspoon

Green House Korean BBQ

My girlfriend and I came here for our post-Valentine dinner, something plain and simple. We didn’t want to go far because she wasn’t feeling very well that day. So we decided to come here, close to home. Green House has been around for quite awhile, I remember coming here for lunch a long time ago. So we decided to come back and check out their evening service.


There were only 4 selections of banchan served here and there isn’t my favourite, the potato. The kimchi was probably the least I liked out of the four, it was way too overpowering.

Pork Bone Potato Hot Pot

Since my girlfriend wasn’t feeling well, we didn’t get the BBQ. Instead we got the pork bone hot pot with no hotness at all. I was surprised they were able to make it without any spiciness. The soup was really well done, even without the spiciness it was still full of flavours. There were lots of pork bone, but sadden to find only 2 whole potatoes (I’m a potato lover).

Stone Pot Rice with Tobiko
Stone Pot Rice with Tobiko

The rice and ingredients only filled up to half the size of the stone pot, which I thought it could be a little bigger. Unlike Bibimbap, this was a little sweet to taste. I think I would have preferred Bibimbap more.


Overall, I thought food wasn’t bad here. Especially the mains. We wish to come back to try their BBQ next time. I was eyes-dropping to nearby tables and saw the meats appeared to be pretty fresh. The service was not bad, though they could get busy because there appears to be only one server. The price point is very similar to other Korean restaurants in the Tri-Cities. The BBQ menu might be a little bit more expensive. The ambiance is kind of awkward mostly because of the bright white florescent lights, you get this creepy cold feeling instead of the warmer lights.



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