Location: 7154 Sperling Ave, Burnaby, BC V5E 2W5 (Sperling and Kingsway)

Phone: 604-516-0238

Hours: Closed Wednesdays


  • Small shared parking lot
  • Individual hot pot
  • A La Carte
  • Take credit card

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Pearl Hot Pot

This is not my first time at Pearl Hot Pot but certainly my first review. I don’t really like reviewing hot pot restaurants because there’s a billion dishes (if it’s AYCE) and the after product looks worst than the before product. And just like its name, hot pot is meant to be eaten straight out of the pot while it’s still HOT! However, Pearl Hot Pot is a little different from its competitors. For one, this is not an AYCE place. Two, you don’t need to share the pot with 10 other people. You get your own individual pot, so even if someone was sick you don’t have to worry about spreading the germs.

Pearl Hot Pot

Pearl Hot Pot basically splits the restaurant into two sections, tables and bar. If you have a larger party, you will be seated at the table. If you are just dining with your significant other, then you will most likely be seated at the bar. Either way, you will still get individual pots.

Egg and Sauce

There is a minimum order per person, so it’s probably cheaper to get one of their combo menu than ordering separately. Trust me, you will be full. (If you eat everything). The combo includes the choice of meat, vegetables, soup (additional for anything but original soup base), dipping sauce (hot or not hot), a choice of noodles/rice, a drink, and a dessert.

Lamb and Fish

I ordered a combo of lamb and fish, and my girlfriend ordered the beef. I think sharing is caring, so we usually shared our meat portions. The meats here are quite fresh, and even beef itself there’s 3 different types of beef.

The bowl of vegetables include a wide range of balls, tofu, mushrooms, corn, tomato, veggies of various kinds, and shrimp. It’s really a full package.

Udon and Vermicelli

You also get to choose between a variety of noodles and rice. The udon is always a favourite choice of mine.

Fruit Tea

My girlfriend had a Black Tea and a picked a Fruit Tea. There are other specialty drinks off their menu, but these are the ones that come with the combo for free. Just ask the server what your choices are.


For dessert, it’s mostly ice-cream. I don’t think there was a time I had not had ice-cream here. We only shared one because we were too full. It tasted more like frozen yogurt (more ice, less yogurt) than an ice-cream.

Overall, I like coming here for hot pot because it’s unique to have individual pots. And on days I don’t feel like stuffing myself silly, this place is great because it gives you the right proportions of meat and vegetables.The staff are very busy here, especially around prime dinner time. They do take reservations, so go ahead and let them know you are coming. The menu has many variety of hot pot foods but if you want to stick to the original, that’s okay too. As a hot pot enthusiast, I don’t think this place will disappoint. The prices aren’t far off of AYCE places, I think that might be the only down side of coming here. At best, it’s a few dollars cheaper. But I feel you do get better quality food than AYCE places.

Where is the best hot pot places around? Let me know in the comments section below.

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How were the prices?


it's not bad. You are looking to averagely pay $15-25 per person.