Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. – Dine Out Edition

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Location: 4186 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5V 3P6 (Main Location)

Phone: 604-566-9779


Open seven days a week: 
Sunday – Thursday: 10am – 9:30pm
Friday & Saturday: 10am – 10pm
Brunch served on weekends: 10am – 2pm
Closed Statutory Holidays


  • Street Parking
  • Flatbread
  • Local and Organic
  • Handcrafted
  • Artisan Ovens

Web: | Dine Out Menu

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Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.

It’s been a crazy week at work, just draining all my energy. Hence, the lack of posts this week. It’s also been crazy hearing people getting hit by the flu bug. I hope you’re not one of them. Anyhow, last Saturday my girlfriend and I went to Rocky Mountain for dine out along with our friends J&A. Surely enough, I saw “Bethie the Foodie” heading to the same place! For those unfamiliar with Rocky Mountain Flatbread, they are a franchise in flatbreads, pastas, soups and the likes. And it’s always amusing when you get to see an open kitchen.

The Oven

I wished I had one of these at home.

The dine out menu here was unlike the other 200’s, you get to actually pick from their original menu (you get to actually taste what the kitchen makes regularly) and also from their daily specials. So really, you would have no idea what the kitchen is cooking until the day comes. It’s nice to have surprises once in awhile. The dine out at Rocky Mountain is part of the $18 section.

Chef’s Soup

My girlfriend being the soup lover, of course got the soup. So did ‘A’. Their soup of the day was “Roasted Cauliflower” topped with shaved parmesan and diced tomato. It came with 2 slices of their plain flatbread. I had a couple sips of the soup, which we all thought was very bland and watered down. The school cafeteria had made better soups than that. The soup lacked the cauliflower flavour totally, however,  there were shaved parmesan but no diced tomato (or it could have melted into the soup).

Fig & Goat Cheese Salad

The other appetizer was a choice of salads from their regular menu. ‘J’ had the Fig & Goat Cheese Salad, which came in a creamy black mission fig dressing. I had a spoonful, it was quite flavourful.

Basil Blackberry Salad

Their salads also come with two pieces of organic flatbread. I had the “Basil Blackberry Salad” which came with crimini mushrooms, mango, roasted red bell peppers, tossed in their basil & blackberry dressing. I was pretty thrilled about the salad, especially cause there was mangoes! Had I not mention about the portions, the bowl of salad was topped up!

Pasta of the Day


My girlfriend had the fettucini with sauteed yellow onions, local crimini mushrooms, roasted golden beets, ripe cherry tomato in a lemon three herb pesto cream sauce then garnished with parmesan topped with a seared chicken breast. The fettucini came in multicolours. It was very tasty but it was also extremely oily. There was a whole pond of oil on the bottom of the bowl, which my girlfriend had found out too late. However, she was happy with the taste of it all.

Pesto Shrimp

I ordered their Pesto Shrimp pizza from their Summit Flatbread section, which was an additional $1. An organic tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, Ocean wise shrimp, shaved red onions, marinated artichokes and their housemade three herb nut free pesto. Topped with asiago cheese and herbs. Now, I’m no flatbread expert but what was served did not taste like the pizza from your regular pizza joint.


‘A’ had the Parma from their BASE flatbread collection. An organic tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, cured ham, brown mushrooms and mango. Topped with roughly chopped arugula and parmesan cheese.

All Beef Pepperoni

‘J’ had the “All Beef Pepperoni” from their ASCENT flatbread collection. An organic tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, organic beef pepperoni, shaved red onion, crimini mushrooms and sliced roma tomatoes. Topped with fresh chopped herbs.

Although each pizza had their distinct characteristics, but for some reason there just wasn’t enough distinctions when it came to taste. And though there are so many toppings (so it seems) but it doesn’t feel over filling at all.

Warm Double Chocolate Brownie

The three of them got the chocolate brownie. I was pretty impressed with the presentation more or less, this being a more casual type of restaurant. The brownie was excellent, however, the ice-cream that came with it was a bit disappointing as it had no flavours.

Red Wine poached pear with ice cream

A little different from the one I had at Fishworks, but it wasn’t bad. Though again, the ice cream lacked flavour.

The Bill

Overall, I was pretty impressed at the speed the food had arrived. Even though we were late, they didn’t rush us at all. The food came almost instantly. And unlike fine dining, the entrees came even before our appetizers were finished (yes, being the slow eater). The ambiance of the restaurant felt very cozy with wood all around and the temperature was hotter than most restaurant with the Artisan oven being out in the open. But at least it was warm on a cold winter day. The flavours were hit and miss, depending on what you get. I think this was a true dine out experience though, it’s exactly what you’ll get by ordering from the same menu and not from their “special” menu, which only exists during dine out. The price was a steal in my opinion, even just the appetizer and dessert would have added up to $18. So it was definitely worth checking out. My only complaint is the parking around the area, there just isn’t one without paying for street parking.