Location: 871 Denman St, Vancouver, BC

Phone: (604) 608-1677

Hours: Everyday 11:30am – 3:00pm (Lunch), 5:30pm – 1:00am (Dinner)


  • Open late on Fridays and Saturdays
  • No designated parking/Street parking
  • Come early for special lunch box (limited daily)
  • Super friendly service

Web: http://www.kingyo-izakaya.ca/ | Facebook

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Kingyo Izakaya

There are quite a bit of Izakaya restaurants in the lower mainland but this have got to be one of my new favourites’ though it is quite far from home. Why I like this place? It was a pretty late Saturday afternoon when my girlfriend and I decided to come visit this place after our first choice was jam packed with people out the door despite it was already almost 2pm in the afternoon. So we decided to try out Kingyo. We had plans to come here for quite some time but never took the chance to because of its distance.

Our server

The service wasn’t as fast as I’d liked despite not being very busy at the time. (Maybe I was just hungry)

Sukiyaki Beef Hot Pot – $12.80

The sukiyaki AAA beef hot pot was their lunch special for the month of December. The broth was delicious and was filled generously with vegetables, mushrooms, AAA beef, and tofu.

Compliments with hot pot

Along with the hot pot was rice, a half-boil cracked egg, miso soup, and a piece of tomago.

Tuna Steak Bowl – $10.80

The tuna steak bowl was seasoned rice filled with slices of seared tuna , mint leaf, shredded seaweed and a light soy sauce. It was very good, but there were just to much rice for my girlfriend and I to finish. But I found out that the sukiyaki broth and the rice made a pretty good combination. The bowl also came with miso soup.

The Bill

Overall, I thought Kingyo offered quite a variety of lunches although we were not early enough to order their special lunch boxes that are limited daily. However, we were still able to enjoy the effort that is made to the dishes made here. It was worth every dollar. Service was friendly. I wil definitely recommend this place for small or large groups but be sure to make a reservations ahead of time or you will definitely have to wait. We waited for under 5 minutes when we walked in at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon. Overall ambiance, it definitely feels like an Izakaya.


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