Lobster rolls in Boston’s Quincy Market

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Quincy Market

So earlier this month I had the opportunity to some of US major cities like NYC, DC, and BOSTON! Now everyone knows Boston’s most famous seafood is lobster. This is probably because they are right by the waters. And I guess lobsters like it over there in the Atlantic.

Inside Quincy Market

Now just a little history about Quincy market, it’s much like the markets here in Vancouver inside Granville Island or more like The Quay in North Van. The Quincy market constructed in 1826 by Mayor Josiah Quincy, so you can probably guess where the name came from. Inside the market, there are stalls of vendors and food places (much like food court-style).

Boston Chowda Co.

Upon arrival of the market, we searched for this place (recommendation of my girlfriend’s parents). Almost without thinking, we got their daily special. A fresh Maine lobster roll, a cup of soup or Chowda and a small drink. And even before ordering, we were given samples of the chowder. Talk about upsell!

Maine lobster roll
Maine lobster roll

First, the lobster roll. The bun was room temperature and very soft. I think that’s my standard for a good bun, it must be soft. The lobster was filled to the top, topped under a leaf of lettuce. The lobster meat was cold, taste wise it was great! Every bite of it was heavenly.

Clam Chowder

The clam chowder was one of the best I’ve had ever. It was creamy but not so thick that makes you feel sick after. There wasn’t as much clams as I’ve hoped for in there. But definitely won taste wise.

Lobster Pies

Besides lobster rolls, they also had a variety of pies which I did not get to try.

Boston & Maine Fish Company

I wanted to try a lobster roll from a different stand, so I went on my phone and searched on Urbanspoon. And Boston & Maine Fish Company came up top on the list. So why not give it a shot?

Lobster roll and Clam Chowder

The lobster roll at the Fish Company wasn’t as good as the one at Boston Chowda. Mostly because they had already made a whole bunch and stored it in the fridge. The bun was cold, the lobster was cold, everything was dead cold. The bun was also less firm than the one at Boston Chowda. The chowder here was alright, it was thicker and was just missing something compared to Boston Chowda. This one was also more expensive than the one at Boston Chowda. I’m sorry, but Boston Chowda is the winner.

Next time you ever step foot into Boston, be sure to check out the lobster roll and clam chowder at Boston Chowda in Quincy market. You will not disappoint. Quincy market is south of Boston downtown. The market opens at 10:30AM.

Upstairs of Quincy Market

And if the bottom level is too occupied, there is always lots of tables upstairs. I learned it the hard way! 🙂

Boston Chowda Co on Urbanspoon

Boston & Maine Fish Company on Urbanspoon


Great because I like lobster. Why not buy the whole lobster should be less expensive there.