Location: 8580 Alexandra Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 4B3

Phone: (604) 284-5596


Lunch (7 days a week) 12PM – 2:30PM
Dinner (Sun – Thurs)  5PM – 10PM
Dinner (Fri – Sat) 5PM – 11PM


  • Authentic Family style Korean food
  • Restaurant/Parking on rooftop (not a lot of parking spaces)
  • Serves alcohol

Haroo on Urbanspoon

I had totally forgotten about this post because the pictures were hidden in my camera for the longest time. I was getting worried or even doubted myself if I had even taken pictures that day. Luckily, I found them! This one was spotted by my girlfriend, which is conveniently located next to the older Deer Garden Signature on Alexandra Road.


This isn’t a very big restaurant, but the interior is bright and clear. It’s a very home style restaurant with TV’s all around. Perfect for those hockey and soccer games, you don’t need to go to a noisy pub for those.

Lunch Specials

They have a wide selections of lunch specials, and if you don’t like it. There’s plenty of other dishes you can order from their normal menu.

Bulgogi Bokumbap Lunch Set
Bulgogi Bokumbap

This was a Korean style beef fried rice. It was a good sized portion and well-balance of meat and vegetables were used. Taste was pretty good. And one thing to be noted, not an excessive amount of oil was used.


From bottom up, kimch; potatoes, and salad.

Tofu Soup + Bibimbap Lunch Set

My girlfriend had the Tofu soup with Bibimbap lunch set. You can probably imagine how hot the food was when it arrived with all the steam getting in my lens.

Tofu Soup

I’m not sure if I remembered correctly, but the Tofu Soup was a bit salty and it had a bit of a salted fish to it. Nonetheless,   I loved it.


The Bibimbap was a little disappointing. It lacked the hotness and had less ingredients than the usual Bibimbap. It also came with no sauce, making it more dry.

The Bill

The bill came to under $25 with tips. Haroo isn’t a very big restaurant, especially in the hundreds of restaurants in Richmond alone. It does not stand out. However, it’s a nice little Korean restaurant hidden in the corner of the all famous Alexandra food street. I could believe this restaurant is also family owned and operated because the owner of the place served us. Service was not bad, I would consider pretty good service for a Richmond restaurant.


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