Meat & Bread (West Pender Location)

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Location: 1033 West Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6C 2X6 (@ Oceanic Plaza/ West Pender and Burrard)

Phone: (604) 566-9003 | Hours: Mon – Fri (Lunch time)

Website: | Twitter | Facebook


  • Lineups!!!! (Especially, during prime lunch time)
  • Simple, Fast Sandwich lunch
  • Specials everyday

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Meat & Bread

I had the opportunity to visit this new establishment right underneath the Oceanic Plaza just on the corner of Burrard and West Pender. The sign was so big, I could see it from a mile away. I was working downtown, so I wanted to try something new (yes, Meat & Bread is new to me!). This place (and the other location) is closed during the weekends, so I can never give it a try unless I was working down here on a weekday.

The Daily Menu

There’s always a reason to come back because their daily special changes everyday! I was very lucky to have entered when there was no lineups. After that, I had no idea where people came from but the line was out the door.

The order counter

Meat & Bread works just like a cafeteria. You order, you wait for the food, and then you pay. It’s almost faster than your typical fast food joints! There’s not a lot from the menu to choose from, so you don’t have to study it! It’s perfect for the “Grab & Go-ers”. The place offers about 4 kinds of sandwiches, soup/salad, and soda/water.

My Lunch Box

This is my lunch box! And you can probably guess what I’m having for lunch by looking at the box. There is only 4 choices.

Porchetta - $8

I was recommended this by my friend, “W”. The Porchetta is always on their menu. They described it as “Salsa Verde, and crackling”. The pork was a little fatty but the flavours were heavenly. There were bits and pieces of crispy pork skin and of course the salsa verde. They could have used less sea salt, and it would have been perfect! The bread was fresh and crisp. The combination was pretty good.


For $8, it’s a few dollars more than your typical fast food joints hamburgers. But quality wise, you can’t miss this one!

Overall, Meat & Bread was a good experience. It’s fast and convenient. And you definitely get quality for the buck! However, considering the prices, you are paying quite a bit (as if you would sit down at a restaurant). The ambiance is bright and welcoming. However, there is only one bench of about 10 seats that are available for eating in. Most people do bring it back to their office or just eat outside.

What’s your favourite sandwich?


Good choice, Meat & Bread is amazing. The Porchetta is made really well with the herbs, but it's probably something to enjoy once in a while and not a regular meal because of the price. The atmosphere is unique as well, very casual and enjoyable.


Thanks for the insight. Too bad they aren't open today.