Location: 1936 Harbor Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126

Phone: (206) 937-1600 | Hours: http://www.saltys.com/seattle/open_hours.asp

Website: http://www.saltys.com/seattle

Hints: Saturday and Sunday Seafood Brunch, the best Seattle view, romantic, date night destination, large parking space, next to the beach

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Salty’s at Alki

This has been a post that I’ve wanted to write for awhile, but have been holding off because it’s such a long one. This is the thing with buffets, there’s so much food that I just don’t know where to start. I first learned about Salty’s from my girlfriend’s mom. And after long said, both our families finally made a trip down to Seattle to try this restaurant. They serve brunch only on Saturday and Sundays. (Hint: Go on Saturday, it’s $5 cheaper). This restaurant has 3 locations, two in Seattle and one in Portland.

There were a wide range of buffet items, ranging from classic brunch items like Eggs Benedict, hashbrowns, prime rib, salads, waffles and many more to seafood items such as oysters, clams, mussels, crab legs, salmon, etc. There is also a pasta bar, omelets bar, crepes bar, chocolate fondue, and a whole section of dessert items. There was so much food that it was difficult to figure out which one to have first.


Seafood Mountain

The first thing that caught my eye was this mountain of seafood, which was a variety of shrimps, baby lobsters, crab claws, and crag legs.

Oyster on half shell
Cocktail Oyster

They served two types of oyster, shucked oysters and cocktail oyster. I only had the shucked oyster, they were not bad at all. However, there were shells and sand in the oyster as the person shucking it had stacked them up.

Clam Chowder

The clam chowder was thick and creamy. Loved it!

Clams & Mussels

If that wasn’t enough seafood for you, there’s steamed clams and mussels. Many of them were empty shelled, which can’t really be avoided in a buffet as many are over cooked having sitting there for awhile.

Salmon feast

How could we miss the salmon, being one of West Coast most popular seafood! This place has salmon dip, smoked salmon, salmon candy, baked salmon, and much more.

Pasta Bar:

Pasta Bar
Make Your Own Pasta

There’s a variety of pasta and ingredients for you to choose from. This was an alfredo sea shell pasta with bacon, mushrooms, shrimp, and tomatoes topped with shredded Parmesan cheese. The pasta wasn’t bad, but it was a little “salty”.

Omelet Bar and Prime Rib Bar

Omelet and Prime Rib

I was too busy talking to the chef at the omelet bar that I had forgotten to take a picture, but it’s make-your-own-omelet. So mine had shrimps, peppers, mushrooms, cheese and a whole bunch of other goodies which I forgot mixed with egg white. The guy was so nice that he helped us cook our blue rare prime rib on his little stove!

The Omelet chef

This guy (Ernest) was very friendly and just knew how to mingle with his guests!

Crepe Bar:

Make Your Own Crepe
My crepe

The crepes were already made, so it was just a matter of heating it up and topping it. I wish that they would’ve made even the crepe fresh and instant.

HOT Food:

Eggs Benedict
Sausage and Bacon
Hash brown

The hash browns were really good!

Popcorn shrimp
Mac and Cheese
Fish in sauce

This was a fillet in a tomato-y sauce. It was quite good too.

Rice and Butter Chicken

The Chocolate Fondue:

Chocolate Fondue 

This was a kids favourite station! What could possibly be better than never ending chocolate?

Fondue Items
Fruits for Fondue

Fruits & Salads:

Caesar Salad

My favourite salad was pretty good.

Variety of salads

There is a variety of salads, ranging from spinach, pasta, and potato salad.


I think this is part of what we pay for, presentation! And how better could it get when you can just pick up fruits and shove it in your mouth. Mostly melons, but I can see why because they are easier to cut and they are BIG! Maybe not the pineapple?



I never tried the cookies but wish that I did. There were at least 30 types of dessert in the dessert corner. So if you’re a dessert person, like me, then you’ll probably fir right in!

Vanilla Cheesecake
Dessert Corner
Creme Brulee

And last but not least, the view!

View of downtown Seattle

You have a great view of downtown Seattle (on a good day). It was stormy that morning, so it wasn’t all that pleasant. But on a good day, this might be the best you’ll get of downtown Seattle. Oh and one last thing, if all that wasn’t enough, they have a live band playing. (Music’s not bad!)

Live Band

Overall, I thought that Salty’s was quite an interesting experience. The staff were friendly and welcoming. It’s really a seafood brunch buffet with a lot of varieties to choose from. The food experience overall was a little above average. I always tend to think that buffet food quality significantly goes down because it’s all about quantity and not quality. But Salty’s have a good balance of both. There’s just too much food to cover all of them in a blog post, but I’m sure you have a pretty good idea what they offer here at Salty’s. The ambiance is all about the view. If it wasn’t for the view, I’m not sure if Salty’s on Alki would be so much of a success. Even on a bad weather day, there were still many here for brunch. The value is where it hits hard, for $40+  for a brunch, I would say it’s worth it if you can really eat a lot or if you’re a seafood lover. If not, I’m sure there’s many more alternatives. But thinking back, brunch or breakfast isn’t really a cheap meal if you eat out. You could easily spend $10+ on breakfast at IHOP or whatever, so if you think of it in that sense, it might be worth it!






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interesting place.... mayb give it a try next time