Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

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Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

For us westerners, we have probably ate at KFC; Church’s, and Popeye’s.  But as I stepped foot into Taipei earlier this year, I was introduced to a type of fried chicken at a different level.  This place specializes in fried chicken and is so very popular that I had to line up for it!

The line up

Now before I tell you the size, let me tell you how much one piece would cost. One piece will easily make you full. It’s less than $2 a piece.

Hot Star

This comes right off the deep fryer, seasoned and into your hands. It was so hot that I couldn’t take a first bite into it.

Large Fried Chicken

Just to give you a little perspective, what you see is a half piece, which is already as big as my palm. Due to the hotness, I couldn’t take it out and show you guys. But the picture below, should give you a perspective of how big of a piece this is.

Large Fried Chicken

They are huge! It’s boneless till you get to the end of it, which then you would find one large bone, but that is all. Instead of having batter that is at KFC and Church’s, their batter is very light. They make use of seasoning for great taste after it’s been in the fryer. The chicken are well-marinated and very juicy. For the price that it serves, I have no reason to complain as it really does taste better than the options we have in Canada.

This is a well-recommended place in Taiwan, it is a chain restaurant. So, just look for the sky blue sign that says “HOT STAR” and the line up! Give me a thumbs up if you like fried chicken!