It’s my first actual blog post for the year of 2012! I know it’s been long since the last time I wrote, and I really want to give a sincere thanks to those who have subscribed to my blog and those first time visitors, my most sincere welcome to you! Even though I haven’t been writing for the past 3 weeks, I was very shocked to see so much traffic to my blog for the time I was away. Thanks you all. So just some personal update, I’ve just flown back to cold cold Vancouver from my trip to Asia. And during my next few posts, I’ll be covering a few themed restaurants in Hong Kong, Taipei, and Macau. And a few surprises here and there for all the places I went to in these few weeks time. But first things first…

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! It is Chinese New Year around the corner, and in Asian countries it’s a huge celebration! There’s ads everywhere, shops that sells Chinese New Year gigs, it’s literally everywhere. And it’s actually a public holiday for a few days in Hong Kong.

So while away on vacation in Hong Kong, I had the opportunity to try their limited time promo meal for Chinese New Year! It’s called the “Prosperity Beef Burger“. (It’s also available in Chicken, if preferred.)

Prosperity Beef Burger

The meal included the burger, curly fries, a drink, and a package of red envelopes from McDs.

Prosperity Beef Burger
Prosperity Beef Burger

The burger was in the shape of a hot dog bun. The burger was really hot when I opened it, unlike the buns here in Canada, which are only warm to touch. The Prosperity Beef burger was filled with a beef patty with a onion black pepper sauce. It was very juicy and tender. There was just more than enough sauce in the entire thing.

Curly Fries

Another item that is limited on the menu, curly fries. I don’t go to McD’s enough in Canada, but I’m pretty sure they don’t have curly fries here. Well, they do in Hong Kong! But, only for this combo. More or less, it tasted like curly fries from Arby’s.

Hot Chocolate

I would have thought that drinks would be less sweet in Hong Kong because people in Hong Kong has lesser of a sweet taste buds. But, I guess these machines are standard. It was still very sweet, compared to other drinks in Hong Kong.

So there we have it, Chinese New Year doesn’t require traditional Chinese food. A simple burger could just do the same.

Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers!





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