Neptune Seafood Restaurant 龍皇鮑翅海鮮酒家 – Dim Sum Edition

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Location: 8171 Ackroyd Rd, Richmond, BC

Phone: (604) 207-9888 | Hours: Unknown

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Neptune Seafood Restaurant

Neptune Seafood Restaurant has been around for quite awhile in Central Richmond. This place is high class Chinese restaurant with the renovation they did last year, it gives it an even higher class feel. It was quite an early breakfast as my granny is departing to Hong Kong bound. It so happens that every time someone leaves/arrives at the airport, we come to this place.

Looking at Urbanspoon ratings, I’m not sure why this place has such low ratings. I haven’t been to dinner here yet. But, dim sum was quite ok.

Spareribs with Dried Oyster Congee

First up is the spareribs with dried oyster congee. It was one of the best congee I have had outside my home. My mom makes really good congee, but to taste something better outside is pretty remarkable. The flavours were really good and lots of ingredients were used to make this congee. The best congee is tasted like apple sauce but way smoother. And for those who don’t know what congee is, I guess you can relate it to the Chinese, it’s basically water + rice. I think the story originates back to hundred of years ago that when rice was scarce and the only way to fill your stomach with the whole family was by making congee with little rice.

Abalone with Conpoy Rice Wrap

In Chinese, we call this a “zhong”. It’s made from sticky rice and this particular one, green beans. This is one of my favourite “zhong’s”. It’s usually stuffed with fatty pork and a salted duck egg yolk, very flavourful as well. And it’s served with sweet soy sauce and/or sugar.

Pork Shao Mai

This is the all famous dumplings. I never really can get a real focus on dumpling pictures for some odd reason, but sorry I passed on these. (For those who read my previous dim sum posts probably knows why.)

Steamed Spareribs

The steamed spareribs here aren’t the best I have had, but they weren’t bad. It’s marinated with black beans, jalapeno’s, garlic and pepper. It’s got a real kick of spice in it with those jalapeno’s.

Chicken Dried Squid with Rice

I applaud this pot of rice as they really use fresh ingredients here. The dried squid really brought out the flavours onto the rice.  The sweet soy sauce added more flavours to it, but I think this could do without the soy suace. And I’m pretty sure they steam the rice and not cook it out of the rice cooker, which gives the rice extra tenderness.

Sliced Fish Rice Roll

I never had this anywhere before. They really know how to decorate their plates with expensive veges by using “dou miu” as plate decors. The fish rice roll was alright, it didn’t taste bad but neither was it very good.

Pig Liver Rice Rolls

This was another interesting rice roll that I never had before. It’s usually at these family dim sums (and with the granny) would we order something extraordinary. I have had pig liver before and not a big fan of it. It leaves your mouth with this after taste like something is stuck in your tongue. I think I’ll pass on this.


Steamed Chicken Feet

Another very popular dish at dim sum places. The steamed chicken feet was very well marinated. I’m not sure how I would describe the flavours in words, I guess you could say it taste like Chinese style barbeque sauce. I’m not sure how they marinate it to this colour either.

Ginger Chicken Buns

For those who have read my prior posts on dim sum probably knows I’m a huge fan of chicken buns. I could probably do a review just on Chicken buns in the lower mainland. There were 4 buns, but a table of 8. I don’t think I had the chance to try one. Maybe next time. 🙁

Jacket Fish with Soya Sauce

The jacket fish here was average. It’s deep fried then pan-fried with premium sweet soya sauce. I think the best remains at West Lake Restaurant on Victoria.

Deep Fried Egg Tofu

When this was served on the table, I knew it wouldn’t be as good as the ones they have at Kirin by looking at the presentation. And I was right. They egg tofu was hot on the inside, but there was just something missing from the dish that tasted like as great.

Deep Fried Squid Tentacle

This is another favourite dish of mine when I go to dim sum with the parents. I usually eat most of it because it’s high in cholesterol.  However, when this dish arrived it was dead cold. We spoke with the manager to get it sent back. The second time this was served, it was hot. The squid was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.  It does have a kick in it because of the hot peppers they deep fry it in.

Deep Fried Chinese Donut in Rice Roll

This is called “Ja Leung” in Chinese. It’s a deep fried chinese donut wrapped in rice roll and usually served with sweet soy sauce. It tastes best when the Chinese donuts are still crunchy and crispy. But once these gets cold, they go from crunchy to chewy, which you don’t want. Since we went early in the morning, these were still warm.

The Bill

Overall, Neptune Seafood Restaurant is a fairly upscale Chinese restaurant located next to Lansdowne mall in Richmond. It’s a pretty central location for dim sum, and if you pay before 11:00am there is additional 20% off your entire bill. Even after the 20%, its price reflect what you will see at Kirin. The food here is pretty good, I liked most of the dishes. Service wasn’t spectacular, but acceptable (meaning their service could be improved upon). My favourite dishes were the congee and the rice.

So to end off today’s post, where is your favourite dim sum restaurant in your area? Leave me a comment down below.