Victory Seafood Restaurant (in Crystal Mall) 凱旋大酒樓

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Location: Ste 2216-4500 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC

Phone: (604) 456-0388 | Hours: N/A

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Victory Seafood Restaurant

Victory Seafood Restaurant is a new “yum cha” (dim sum) place inside Crystal Mall, almost next to Top Gun Hot Pot. It’s definitely a direct competitor for Top Gun. This place is huge compared to Top Gun. It sweeps across so far that I had to use panoramic shot to take this picture. Not only is the dining area huge, the waiting area is big and so is the restrooms. I was pretty impressed with the “grandness” of this restaurant upon entering. That is until I try the food..

I went on a Saturday afternoon, shortly after they had their grand opening, with the family. And believe me, my mom is pretty picky with good Chinese dim sum places, as her family runs these places for decades. So, I honour her opinion when it comes to Chinese food.

Sauteed Gai-lan with Ginger Sauce

First of all, this place is on par with the Kirin class.  It is not your cheap dim sum joint. The Gai-lan was really old, almost unbearable and inedible. However, the flavour was all there.

Preserved Vegetable in Stock

In exchange, we had the preserved vegetable in stock.

Braised Duck Feet with Pummelo Peel in Abalone Sauce

I don’t like how places have really fancy names, but their dish doesn’t live up to the name. And this braised duck feet was one of them. The duck feet was quite soggy in my opinion. And I could not taste the abalone sauce at all.

Deep Fried Leather Jacket Fish in Maggie's Sauce

The deep fried leather jacket fish was not bad, I can certainly taste the Maggie’s sauce. But, the portion was small for the price it charged. And I think this place has a tendency to serve things on big dishes, but portions are about half the size. It gives the whole feeling that you are not getting the entire value.

White Turnip Cake

The turnip cake here is quite special. It is served and steamed inside a bamboo jar. I never tasted it, so no comments on taste. I’m not a big fan of turnip cakes.

Steamed Rice Noodle with Deep Fried Fish Paste

Kirin makes the best ones I have had, and this place probably is my least favourite. I don’t think the fish paste is deep fried at all. Inside is extremely soggy and tastes like baby food.

Steamed Beef Short-rib in Black Pepper Sauce

The steamed beef short-ribs were pretty good. It is really meaty and the black pepper sauce was really strong, mixed with jalapeno’s adds the extreme flavour in there.

Deep Fried Chicken Knee in Preserved Bean Sauce

The chicken knee’s flavour was pretty good. However, they had used more of chicken meat than knee. If the name was changed I would have totally bought into it. But, this is another dish not living it up to its name.

Steamed Layer Cake with Pineapple

This is one of my favourite dim sum dishes of all times. It’s a rare case you will not find it at most dim sum places in Vancouver, as it’s not easy to make (I’m guessing). No, it’s not real pineapples they use to make this dish. It’s got many layers and the yellow stuff is the gold! It’s egg yolk paste and probably pineapple paste? I’m not sure. But, this is my favourite dim sum desserts of all times. And this place makes it pretty good, I must say. It’s not very sweet, which is a big plus.

Steamed Chicken Bun

I don’t remember if I had one or not. So, I’m not going to comment on it.

Pan Fried Pork Buns

The pan fried pork buns was pretty good. It was hot and toasty, but what I don’t understand is why serve it on such a big pot. In fact, I have never seen buns served on pots ever. This is the first, and I think it’s quite interesting. I’m guessing it is to keep the buns warm.

Overall,  I thought this place mediocre food. It’s got hit and misses, you just don’t know when. The service was mediocre, probably on par with other dim sum places in Vancouver. The ambiance is fairly grand, it is very bright inside with all the glass windows looking over Kingsway. The menu is extensively large ranging many varieties of dim sum dishes. However, the prices are on the high-end and it just doesn’t feel right that not all their dishes live up to their name or price.

And to end off this post, where do you like to go for Dim Sum? Let me know in the message box below!