Location: 1123-3779 Sexsmith Rd, Richmond, BC

Phone: (604) 303-7674 | Hours: N/A

Website: http://www.303-posh.com/

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Posh Richmond

As the weather in Vancouver gets colder for winter, one might snuggle up in bed and hibernate or you could go out for Hot Pot. For those who haven’t been to any sort of Hot Pot restaurants, it’s basically a pot with boiling soup base and you just go at it with a variety of meats, veges, seafood, and basically any other ingredients you would like to go in your pot. Posh is a Japanese style of Hot Pot, it uses premium soy sauce as the base of the soup. Unlike traditional Chinese Hot Pot, Japanese Hot Pot uses very little soup base, so that there is really no need for sauces, as your ingredients are already soaked with the soup base.

The Grill
The Pot

One other thing that is that unlike traditional Chinese Hot Pot, Japanese Hot Pot uses no real fire. I wonder what advantages would that bring?

The Menu
Drinks Menu

I was a little shocked when I looked at the menu, it was about one-third the size of the menu on Broadway and Burnaby. I would have thought all the menus would be the same at all locations. But, it wasn’t. And pricing was the same. I was a little disappointed.

The Drinks

Since we had a group buy coupon from “Tastygo”, it included unlimited refills of all non-alcoholic drinks on the menu. My girlfriend isn’t a fan of drinks, except for soup! So,  we both ordered one. And I mostly drank both of it. We tried the Lychee Calpis and the Strawberry Yogurt. Both tasted like medicine. Her Strawberry Yogurt tasted slightly better, but after the two, I decided not to order anymore. It would have been a waste.

More Ingredients

In my opinion, I thought that the beef was very fattening, even the pork was leaner. All our vegetables came, unlike other AYCE Hot Pot places won’t bring you what you ordered. We even  had customized orders, we’ve tried this before at another place where we ordered only half an udon because we were way too full to have the entire thing. And they actually cut us half the entire portion. All the vegetables and ingredients were quite fresh, my only complain would be the meat could have been leaner. With the down-sized menu, we had to re-order a few items over and over again.

The Pot with food
The Remains

I wish that I had brought my own oil filter, the fat was almost unbearable. However, this would have been a great example of a “not-so-healthy” meal. Usually in Chinese Hot Pot, the vegetables would soak up the meat extract. But, there’s just too much in this case.

The Bill

I would say if this was normal price, there would have been much better places. Posh used to be a convenient and cheaper place to go for Hot Pot. But now, I think there are better alternatives even in the same mall.

So to end off this post, what is your favourite place for Hot Pot? Let me know in the comment section below.


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