Pig BBQ Joint

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Location: 1325 Blanshard St, Victoria, BC (Downtown Location)

Phone: (250) 590-5193 | Hours: 11:00AM – 10:00PM 7 Days a week

Website: http://www.pigbbqjoint.com/

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Pig BBQ Joint

This was the first restaurant that we ate at when we arrived in downtown Victoria. Although, this restaurant is a little away from the downtown core location, there was still good amounts of crowd having lunch here. This place is more like a food court or McDonalds style type of restaurant. You have to pay up front and then wait for your order number.

The Menu

This place serves a variety of burgers and mainly pork (hard to tell, eh) and chicken.

The Restaurant

It’s not a very big restaurant, probably with a dozen small tables and another dozen small tables outside on the patio/sidewalk.

Iced Tea

We usually just get water at restaurants, cause the fancy drinks costs a fortune. But, it was really hot that day. And we just felt like getting something that will cool us down. This isn’t your typical iced tea from the can.  It’s a iced tea they had already mixed together and served in a giant container. The taste was a little bland, not sugary at all. But, it was exactly what we needed to cool that thirst.

Pulled Pork + Perogie Sandwich

This item was part of their special menu. It was the perogie that probably caught my girlfriend’s attention, well the pulled pork was expected because just about everything on the menu had pulled pork in it.

Pulled Pork + Perogie Sandwich

There were plenty of sauce in the sandwich. It was very tasty and I never had anything like it. If you think the sauces weren’t enough…

Pig Sauce

You can add your own Pig Sauce! Go ahead, get messy!

Pulled Pork Poutine

This was probably one of the most expensive poutine I have ever had. But, it was quite a show. It felt completely different from the normal poutines. First, the sauce was different. It was less salty and more flavourful. The addition of pulled pork was great. The one complain I would have is the fries, they need better fries! I like my fries crispy and crunchy, and this just didn’t give me that taste.

Overall, I think this restaurant made it to #4 top restaurants in Victoria for a reason. They have great food and excellent service (well, you really don’t get much). But, excellent food for sure! Their prices already includes taxes, so that’s a plus! If you are in the area, and feel like “pigging” it. I do recommend you checking this place out.