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Location: 3431 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC

Phone: (604) 738-5298 | Hours: N/A


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It’s been almost a week since my last update. I’ve been rather tired after coming home from work, and you know the feeling how you just want to lay back and sit in front of the tv and NOT do anything? Yeah, that’s the feeling I’ve been having. Besides that, my girlfriend and I went off on a little trip last weekend which I’m still recovering from the fun times we’ve had. We ate lots and I’m still in the process of organizing the many food pics we took, so hopefully they’ll come later next week.

Anyhow, continuing our journey in Kits because we were at the Bard show there. We decided, might as well eat here. And thanks to the Kits festival on the same day, we had fun taking detours one after another. Never mind there was huge crowds on the streets. The Eatery is not your typical Japanese sushi joint, it is what it claims to be “the funkiest place for Japanese food”.  Don’t know why? You will understand after this post.

The Eatery
The Inside
The Inside

You should now have a pretty clear idea why this is the funkiest Japanese place for food ever (in Vancouver at least). Its decors are out of this world. It’s got all kinds of weird animals and creatures to “WOW” you. Did I mention the candle holders are from empty beer bottles? It really is an interesting place to have Japanese food.

Now onto the food…

Honey Garlic Wings

This is really beginning to be a bit bizarre. A Japanese place for wings? I think it’s more than just a Japanese place, it also has the feeling of a pub. It was Saturday that we went, and it just so happens they had wings special. Why not? It was a little cheaper than WINGS Sunday special at 35 cents a piece and you weren’t required to order a drink. The wings were a little on the dry side, but definitely good wings.


And as always, my girlfriend really needs to get her tuna. So, we ordered this dish called “Tunacado”. It’s cubes of tuna and avocado marinated with mango salsa. And since I’m the mango lover, it all works out.

Tataki Attack and Zen Maki

Aside from the normal sushi and rolls that is offered at other Japanese restaurants, this place has over 30+ specialty rolls. You’ll probably have to come here a few times before you can finish trying all their rolls. I wonder how the chefs would remember which rolls were which.

The Funky Eatery Creations

Got the point? There’s just that many types of rolls here. And that’s not all.

The Tataki Attack was a crab, scallop, avocado, and mayo wrapped with seared albacore tuna. And the Zen Maki was a crab, tuna, salmon, prawn, unagi, scallop, cucumber, asparagus, avocado, and roe. There was only 4 pieces for the Zen Maki as each piece was huge. But, it only tasted mediocre.

Overall, the food was not bad as your attention is on the hundreds of decors in the room. The service was a bit slow in my opinion, but the waitresses were quite busy that evening. On the whole, I think it’s a restaurant worth checking out. (If you’re in Kits! I rarely go out that far.)

The Eatery

Be sure to check out this little guy on the side of the restaurant.