The Keg Coquitlam – Dessert Edition

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Location: Pinetree Vlg 130 – 2991 Lougheed Hwy, Coquitlam, BC

Phone: (604) 464-5340 | Hours: Mon – Thurs: 4:00PM – 11:30PM, Fri: 4:00PM – Midnight, Sat: 3:30PM – Midnight, Sun: 3:30PM – 10:30PM


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The Keg

I don’t think I ever stepped into this Keg in Coquitlam, although they have been opened for more than a year from what I could remember. So, I took my girlfriend here for an after dinner snack. I always can’t eat dessert after a meal for some reason, unless I’m forced upon. Or I really have that separation between dinner and desserts! We came in around 8-ish hoping to get a table right away, but no, there was a wait time of 15mins! I was shocked. However, nobody was in the waiting area. Well, fine! We were in good mood to wait. So, we shifted to the BestBuy next door to take a stroll. I love how restaurants have those vibrating “hockey puck” shape looking things that’ll notify you when your table’s ready.

Our Table

We were shortly notified. But in the span of 3minutes, the time it took us to walk back from BestBuy, our table were given away. I reacted to a WOW! You have got to be kidding. Anyhow, it was just minutes that they had another table for us. But, these people sure worked fast. Yeah, in Canada!

Anyhow, at around 8:30pm, the restaurant was still crowded with people having dinner. Honestly, I never people in Coquitlam had such late dinners, especially when everything closes early here.

Chocolate Cake - $7.95

I always had thought The Keg had their version of the Chocolate lavacake. But, I guess I was wrong. So, we decided on the next similar thing. The Chocolate Cake is layer upon layer of dark, moist chocolate cake with a silky smooth chocolate filling and served with vanilla ice cream and a raspberry puree. The chocolate cake was very moist and chocolatey. And the vanilla ice cream has a very strong mint of vanilla. I’m pretty sure it’s made in-house.

The Fireplace

Ten dollars dessert for 2, much worth it! The ambiance, the service were pretty good. Although, I have to say it was quite loud that evening with so many guests in the house. But, I would say it’s better than having a cup of gelato.