Twisted Fork Bistro

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Location: 1147 Granville St, Vancouver, BC

Phone: (604) 568-0749 | Hours: Mon – Sun(dinner): 6:00PM – 12:00AM, Fri – Sun (brunch): 10:00AM – 2:30PM


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Twisted Fork Bistro

A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I went all the way downtown to visit this very popular French restaurant on Granville. This place only open evenings on weekdays. And first come, first serve. We were hoping to get there around 5:30pm but as always things never go according to plan. We waited for well over an hour and ended up eating at the later round. It was around 8:20pm when we got our table. This was a small restaurant. They don’t have a designated waiting area, but just people standing outside on the streets.

Mussels Tuesdays

This was what we were here for! Mussels night!!

The Restaurant
People eating in front of the restaurant

The restaurant was so packed that there were people eating on the counter right in front of the door. I hope this convinced you to go earlier to avoid a long wait!

Fresh Mussels

One pound of fresh mussels, with cream, herbs and fresh tomatoes, served with frites (Yukon gold, parsnip and sweet potato with herb aioli). The mussels were really flavourful, and they tasted really good with the toasted buns.

Housemade bread

The bread was great, but not as good as the whipped butter. The whipped butter was equally good with the cream dipped bread.

Confit Duck

We decided to get two small forks after the mussels. One of these were the the confit duck and bacon braised cabbage with duck jus and mixed fruit compote.

Braised Short Ribs

The braised short ribs were a little not what I expected, I wasn’t very use to this dish as the Chinese version of this dish is so much better.

Chocolate Terrine

Since, we waited so long for dinner. We decided to have dessert here as well. By then, the restaurant was only occupied for 1 or 2 tables, as they had already run out of mussels around 10pm. The chocolate terrine is a frozen dark chocolate mousse layered with raspberry sorbet, with biscotti crumbs and raspberry coulis. I’m not a fan of sour things but this matched pretty well with the dark chocolate.

Overall, we waited too long to just have mussels and frites that evening. However, the mussels and frites did not disappoint. The other dishes were not too bad, but not entirely my favourites nor were they very memorable. The service was quite friendly and we were well attended for. This restaurant is really small with only a dozen tables and is probably not a good idea with large parties.

Like always, I end my posts with a question! What is your favourite french dish? Let me know in the comments below!


It was quite good! The server was super friendly and happy. I hated how they only had a few tables for parties of 3+, and they let tables of 2 sit at those tables. SO MANY tables of 2 came later than us and got their tables way earlier because the smaller tables were leaving faster. Well that's my little rant haha! I will post my brunch experience soon :)


An hour's wait?! I went there last weekend for brunch and it felt like a pretty long wait in the direct sun.. but it was actually only half an hour or so. Didn't know about mussels Tuesdays, thanks for the heads up! :)


Yeah. A little over an hour wait. Ridiculous! How was the brunch? I went for dinner cause I'm not much of a breakfast person.