Ebisu on Robson

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Location: 827 Bute St, Vancouver, BC 

Phone: (604) 689-8266 | Hours: Lunch: Sun – Fri: 11:30am – 2:30pm, (Closed Sat), Dinner: Sun – Thurs: 4:30pm – 12:00am, Fri – Sat: 4:30pm – 1:00am

Website: http://www.ebisu.ca/robson/

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Ebisu on Robson

I’ve stopped by Ebisu for lunch years ago, that was before I started writing this blog and way before I got into taking pictures of all the food I eat. It’s literally becoming a habit now if more than anything. Ebisu is very accessible right off Robson and Bute, I believe it’s right behind the Starbucks. It’s also got a clear view overlooking Robson St. as it is located on the 2nd floor. Even though Ebisu serves Japanese food, it’s not authentic Japanese at all.

Just a glass of water
Lychee Iceberg
Kirin Ichiban

It’s more of a place for drinks and hangout more than a Japanese restaurant. Now, here’s my simple question. How could a Japanese restaurant charge for green tea? Green tea here is $1.50 per cup I believe. I find it really hard to believe because Fuji (one of the best rated authentic Japanese restaurants in Vancouver) does NOT charge for its tea.

Anyhow, I was down here with a group of ten from church that evening for dinner. Too bad we skipped out on Happy Hour, everything (well, not everything) but some things would have been much cheaper if we got here before 6PM. The menu here is extensive and not really for those who are indecisive. They have a wide selection of specialty rolls and dishes, but I have to warn you it is not your cheap sushi joint. I shared the meal between myself and my buddy @anothersamchan.

Beef Short Ribs - $6.99

We got the beef short ribs. It was nothing spectacular just marinated with typical korean BBQ sauce. In fact, it was a bit too salty to taste. For $6.99, I think the portion well reflected the price.

BC Blazer - $9.80

This was one of their many special rolls. Most of their specialty rolls were around $8-12, which I thought were a little too expensive but considering its location and its customers, I could understand. Here was the description of the BC Blazer on Ebisu’s menu “Crab meets avocado wrapped with seared atlantic salmon, green onions on spicy Japanese mayo & teriyaki sauce with dancing bonito flakes”. It could also be easily said “a California roll topped with all those dressings”. I had not realized until the order came and by then it was a little too late. The roll was alright, I could taste the California roll inside and no so much the salmon.

Toro Inferno - Before
Toro Inferno - After

The Toro Inferno is another one of their specialty sushi’s. It’s box-pressed shiso and sesame sushi rice and the toro is seared at the table. It’s a little bit of a show-and-tell presentation more than anything. The toro gave a bit of a fishy smell when it was seared. But, the taste was better than its smell.

Toro Inferno

The pressed sushi was a little disappointing however as the rice doesn’t even stand in one. It fell apart right away when I gripped it with the chopsticks. I wonder how their nigiri would come out if I had ordered nigiri.

Well, that’s it! Three dishes between 2 people, I was done for the night. My first impression, it’s definitely pricey Japanese food. Yes, pricey. There’s a difference between high-end food and pricey food. High-end is when you pay for what you get. And pricey is exactly the opposite. The service was quite attentive. Our server did a pretty good job taking care of such a large group. And of course, gratuity were added automatically with such a large group. If you were looking for more authentic Japanese food, this isn’t the best place. However, if you’d just want to sit down for a drink and grab a bite, then this is the perfect place to be.

Here’s other dishes people ordered at the table:

Shellshocker - $7.95

(Atlantic Soft Shell Blue Crab & Prawn tempura accompanied with an assortment of fried vegetables)

Mentaiko Yakiudon - $8.95

(Japanese thick noodles panfried in marinated egg roe of Alaskan cod, bacon and Oba leaves.)

Kimchi (+$1)


Chikuwa Cheese - $4.50

(Deep fried fish cake stuffed with melted mozzarella cheese.)

Colossal Cheese Yakitori

(An enormous skewer of tender spring chicken smothered in mozzarella & cheddar cheese basted in traditional BBQ sauce spruced up with fresh green onions!)