Father’s Day Dinner @ Kingsway Sushi

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Location: 110 – 3665 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC

Phone: (604) 433-6388 | Hours: Mon – Sun: 11:30AM – 2:30PM & 5:30PM – 11:00PM except Fri – Sat: 5:30PM – 12:00AM and Tues: Closed

Website: www.topgungroup.com/KS.html

Kingsway Sushi

As you might remember, last Sunday was Father’s Day and so the Wong, Leung, Tsang’s family decided to take our dads for some all-you-can-eat. This AYCE place isn’t like most AYCE places. First, it’s owned and ran by Chinese management. Second, it’s under a group called “Top Gun Group“. We arrived at the restaurant at 7:30pm with a reservation, but we still had to wait around 5 minutes for our table. I came in with expectation that we won’t have very good service tonight because it was a weekend, second, it was a Father’s Day weekend, and third, Chinese servers!

Anyhow, on to the food!


Before anything else came, wasabi was served on the table!

Appetizer and Salads

Ebi Sunomono

Next comes the appetizers and salads! The Sunomono was a crucial step in the AYCE meal because of its citric-ness, it gives people a bigger appetite to consume more food. Especially, when you think you can’t eat anymore. It’s a good energy recharger.

The Sashimi’s

Atlantic Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Tuna, Hokkigai, Hamachi
Mirugai (Geoduck)
Beef Sashimi
Tuna Tataki
Mirugai (Geoduck), Amaebi (Sweet Prawn), Tai, Torched Saba (Mackerel)

Overall, the sashimi that makes your stay worth while here if you’re having the deluxe menu is mirugai (geoduck) and amaebi (sweet prawns). The mirugai is very bold in texture and the prawns were so sweet that they had run out shortly after our second order. (Our orders were by the hundreds! I know, scary.) Another thing worth mentioning is, don’t expect that your order will come in full. By that I mean, don’t start counting how many pieces of sashimi actually came because you’ll then start this whole number war with them. Instead, order all that you can eat! You’ll be much more satisfied. Lastly, I find the Atlantic and Sockeye salmon sashimi’s to be rather bland in taste.

Sushi & Cones

Tamago and Inari Nigiri
Chopped Scallop Cones
Brother’s Self Made Cone

Traditional Sushi is probably the least favoured in an AYCE place because it is most likely they slab a small piece of sashimi onto a huge blob of rice. But I would fairly say, this place has been quite generous with its portions of food. One of the favourite that my brother likes is the Chopped Scallop cone here. And once he chews his way down to the bottom, he adds a little of flavours of his own. Although, I have to say that the seaweed they use are moist rather than crisp, which really does ruin the whole texture of the cone.


Miso Soup
Enoki Mushroom Seafood Soup

Every Japanese Restaurant has Miso Soup, but this one adds a little flavour of its own with the Enoki Mushroom Seafood Soup. There were clams and prawns boiled under this fish base soup. I’m guessing they use the bones from the Sashimi to make the base of this soup. It’s very fresh, but if you don’t like fish, that’s a different story.

Hot Food

Oyster Motoyaki
Shrimp Bomb
Shrimp Tempura
Fry Scallop
Barbeque Beef Short Ribs
Barbeque Chicken Wings
New York Steak on Skewer
BBQ Fish Balls
Chicken Udon

Overall, the hot food was pretty good. Especially worth mentioning is probably the barbecue chicken wings, they were just amazingly good (and one of their well-known dishes here). The BBQ beef short ribs doesn’t fall short either. One thing to note about the fry scallops is that it’s not real scallops they use, it’s just an imitation. But, the taste and texture isn’t far from a real scallop. The NY Steak on skewers were a little bland to my liking, but then again, I just had Zakkushi the night before. The shrimp tempura was probably the least of my liking, most likely because the batter wasn’t well-mixed. There was just something missing.


Mango Pudding
Milk Pudding
Double Boiled Egg White and Milk Custard
Baked Tapioca Pearl Pudding

And finally, you would want to save room for dessert here. It isn’t your normal ice-cream scoop, although I wouldn’t mind having ice-cream. Except, you have to pay extra for it here. However, they do have many dessert selections. Probably the most interesting one would be the milk pudding, which is deep fried milk custard wrapped inside a spring roll. The next one I liked the most is the baked tapioca pearl pudding, served warm. The mango pudding wasn’t bad, but I know how to make better ones.  And lastly the doubled boiled egg white & milk custard I had not try, but it was served cold, instead of hot.

Deluxe Dinner

It was a very satisfying night. I believe my first time having mirugai and having AYCE in awhile. I usually avoid going to AYCE places because I have the feeling that the food served is of lesser quality, and I would rather have quality over quantity. Second, the service. I usually have lesser expectations of service when it comes to AYCE because they’re busy rushing out food. For Kingsway Sushi, I applaud them for having service beyond my expectation. Especially our server, Wendy, was very patient to us the entire evening. This place also adds to efficiency with their electronic ordering system. Overall, the evening went quite well. Even though the seating limit was 2 hours, but with such a big group I think they were pretty lenient. The bill came up to $33 including tips per person. It would have been closer to the $40 side but since my brother is a VIP, the whole table got 10% off. The VIP (Gold Card) is $20. But, it’s valid at all restaurants under Top Gun. (For an entire list of restaurants, see here.)

And to end this post off, what’s your favourite item at Kingsway Sushi?


Jan K.
Jan K.

I haven't tried this place before, but thank you for sharing your experience. I will be going there shortly and may try the items you pointed out were tasty, although I will be ordering off the menu, hopefully they have the items available there.


I hope it'll be a good experience for you too.

Buddha Girl
Buddha Girl

The Top Gun Gold Card entitles you to different discounts at different TG restaurants. The trick is to have one membership but multiple supplementary cards (each supplementary card has a one time fee of $20), that way, all card holders are entitled to the discounts but all points are accumulated for the primary member. When it's time for membership renewal, only the primary member has to pay for the $20 renewal. Points can be carried over, as long as the membership is active. We have redeemed many points for cash certificates to use against our meals and Buddha Boy got an electric grill too! The server, Wendy, is a long-time employee of TG, we have always received good service from her. Other than the idiotic manager, Maverick, everyone else is decent.


the beef sashimi and beef tataki would be two favs