Skewers Mediterranean Grill

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Location: #8 – 228 Schoolhouse Street, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6V7

Phone: (604) 526-1232 | Hours: Mon – Fri 12PM – 9PM / Sat – Sun 12PM – 11PM


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This post was long overdue and I totally forgot I had been to this restaurant until I flipped through my collection of food photos. This restaurant is very close to the Pho 99 I blogged about a few months ago. My girlfriend and I had finished with church that afternoon and had a craving for donair. For those who don’t know what donair is, (correct me if I’m wrong) it’s a mediterranean wrap with meat and vegetables sauteed with sauces. So, we remembered seeing a place for donair near Pho 99, so we decided to give it a try.


When we entered the restaurant, it was barely filled with people, on a Sunday afternoon. The decors were quite clean and bright. However, the white table cloths with a plastic over it totally ruined my view of the restaurant. The plastic over the table clothes just made it feel really cheap. Plastic is easy for cleaning, (and I totally get that), but there’s always a trade-off.


The teapots that they use were rather “funny” I must say because it’s one of those teapots you will see at Dim Sum. I never knew Mediterranean were similar in this way.

Chicken Sharmwa Wrap & Caesar Salad

First of all, the caesar salad did not come free. It was another $2 – $3 for a caesar salad to be added to the wrap. The interesting thing about the salad was that it was served in a typical rice bowl. Being a Chinese, I know exactly what a rice bowl looks like and this is definitely one of them. The caesar salad was alright, not the best nor the worst, it was okay tasting. I thought there could be more dressing.

Chicken Sharmwa Wrap

Now the Sharmwa, its taste was quite good. But definitely not a traditional sharmwa. I had a Sharmwa when I was in Ottawa, and they serve the real Sharmwa’s there. This was far from it. For $6-$7, I thought this was one small wrap!

Chicken Caesar Wrap

My girlfriend couldn’t decide what to get, so she got something more original. The chicken caesar wrap tasted much like the one at McDonalds. It’s filled with lettuce and crispy chicken. This wrap was also $6 – $7. We ended up switching wraps because she wasn’t a fan of anything deep-fried or extra crispy.

That was lunch, two wraps and a caesar salad came closed to $20. I’ll let you decide if it’s worth the price. In my opinion, if they served bigger wraps for the price or included a side with the wrap that would’ve been much more acceptable. The ambiance was bright and clean. However, we thought the value we were getting was not up to par. The food wasn’t bad, but I think there are many places better than this outside Coquitlam. So, what are the best places for Shwarma’s and Donair’s in Vancouver? Leave me a comment down below.