Ali Shan Restaurant

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Location: 1233 – 4500 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC (NEW LOCATION)

Phone: (604) 436-9026 | Hours: 11:30am – 9:00pm,, 7 days a week

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Ali Shan Restaurant

I’ve been here several times, but for some reason I haven’t made the effort to make a post about this place. Not that the food is not good, or the service is bad, it’s just that whenever I come by this place I don’t realize I haven’t wrote anything about it before. But, we have something to talk about this place now!

Moving Notice

As you can see from the top of the post, they are moving! Yes, they are moving to a new location just around the corner. It’s still attached to Crystal Mall, and it is only a couple steps from their current location, but they are “moving”. However, the notice doesn’t tell us when they are moving.


Their kitchen is what I call a semi-open kitchen because you can actually see inside the kitchen and everything in it, but it’s blocked by this piece of plastic glass. The restaurant is quite small with about a dozen tables that fit 2-4 people. Despite the size of the restaurant, their turnaround is quite fast. I never had to wait more than 5 minutes for a table. I’m not sure if this place takes reservations, but with this fast turnaround, I don’t need to complain about waiting.

Iced Tea

When you order an entree, it comes with either an iced tea or a soup. My girlfriend and I both decided to go for the Iced Tea every time because it’s really refreshing after a hot meal. Their iced tea is probably made in-house, it’s not like the ones you get from the cans or Brisk, but it’s real iced tea. It’s got some very asian taste to it.

Bibimbap - $8.90

Being a Taiwanese restaurant, it’s funny that there’s a Korean dish inside. They actually make this just like Korean restaurants, I would say it’s even better! My girlfriend loves this dish here, it’s her favourite. I really think they do a great job, it’s the right amount of meat, kimchi, vegetables, and the egg (I would say it’s more well-done than the Korean dish, but I like it that way). I would recommend this to anyone who likes their Stone Pot rice.

Beef in Pepper and Parsley Seasoned Hot Pot - $6.90
Sauce for Hot Pot

I decided to try something new that day, this was their beef hot pot. It was loaded with fish cakes, vegetables, egg, tofu, squid, vermicelli noodles, and beef! I remember there was more ingredients in there, but that’s all I can remember. Now, you know what I mean by loaded. The soup base was pretty good, it wasn’t exactly clear soup base. With all those ingredients in there, I don’t know how the soup can stay clear. The sauce that came with the Hot Pot was pretty cool. It’s a bit spicy, but more sweet than spicy. It might be a Taiwanese style to dip their hot pot ingredients in sauce? I know Chinese people dip their Hot Pot ingredients in soya sauce. This dish is comparable to “Han Ju Tofu Hot Pot” in the same mall. I would say it’s even better for the value, since you get more ingredients and a drink for relatively the same price. I’d love to try their Soybean Hot Pot next time, anyone tried it?

Overall, this restaurant has great food. If you like deep fried dishes and Taiwanese food, I would highly recommend this place. And no, this is not your typical Bubble Tea place. The service is prompt and quick turnaround. The ambiance is more like food court style, not exactly the cleanest place. Hopefully, their new location would be renovated to be more modern looking (seems to be the trend).

Have a happy and safe weekend!